Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week Update

I just realized that it's been more than two weeks since I've posted. That's a long time. Uh, we've been busy.... so busy.
I was busy editing and putting together pictures for this blog post and we had the loudest knock on the door. It made me jump out of my skin. It was someone campaigning for a sheriff running in the election. It also woke up Adam, Max, and Penny who were all sleeping.... Guess who we're NOT voting for....
I don't know about the rest of the country (I can only assume) but this year's election campaigns have been brutal. I won't go into particulars here- I'm not about to get one a political soap box- but I've been so saddened by the mud slinging going on that it really makes me not want to vote, because all parties are just being mean.
But enough about that- let's look at some cute pictures of my kids....

The one above (19 weeks) is fresh from this morning. :)
I've got a bazillion more things to write about, and projects I've finished, and fun fall things I'm looking forward to, but since the man knocked on the door I've got kids to tend to!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long update and more pictures than you probably care about

I still haven't posted from Ohio- Here's that and a lot lot more

We spent a whirlwind of almost a week having loads and loads of fun with family and a few friends. We never get to see everyone we want to when we are there. Guess we'll just have to come back soon. Max's highlight of the trip was going with PopPop to ride the bulldozer, backhoe, and dumptrucks at PopPop's work. My highlight was watching TBDBITL. Carmen Ohio makes me cry every time.

My dear friend Kelly is married to a farmer (Farmer Keith is what Max calls him) and we were invited to watch the fall harvest in action while they harvested the corn with the combine. Max was in heaven and got to ride along. He mentions riding in the combine at least once a day still (it's been a couple weeks since we've been) and today wore overalls and called himself Farmer Max.

Last week we ended up with a 24 hour stomach bug through the house.... it started with Max, made it's way to me, jumped to Adam and has ended with Penny. It was not pretty- but I'm thankful we are all better.

We took a time out from sickness to go to the Homecoming Parade. Max loved picking up candy. I think we're creating a trick or treating monster for this year.

 (she didn't like the sirens on the firetrucks)

We celebrated feeling better yesterday with a trip to Ackerman Farms to get pumpkins (and gourds and squash). It was loads of fun. Max loved the kitties and Penny slept.

Four Month Update
Penny is sixteen weeks old and by the calendar will be four months next week (I never know which way to go by). She went in on Monday for her check up and shots. She is 24 inches long and weighed only 10lbs 11oz (she was 10lbs 4oz at her 2 month appointment). Poor thing lost some weight with the stomach bug and we're working on getting her back up to weight this week. She's doing everything a 4 month old should- she's pushing up on her elbows when on her tummy. She talks to us and is starting to grab at toys. She loves to smile at anyone who will talk to her and make noises at her. She's definitely more assertive than Max ever was and has quite a pair of lungs (for talking and crying). We've done some sleep training over the last week or two and she's made herself a nice little schedule but is quite able to adapt to what our days hold. She got lots of compliments this morning at library story time (there were 4 times as many boys there as girls). Most of all I love dressing her up and making her my little doll, she's such a sweet heart.

I have weekly pics of the kids but don't have them all put together. That will have to be another post soon.