Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cute things....

A little bit of randomness, but I've seen a lot of cute things lately.

I've finally seen the belly. Definitely cute. Now I just have to wait until September to meet Babe Koog.

In my random blog reading I've found the cutest blog. It is done by a girl who is in high school, and happens to be obsessed with knitting and Pride and Prejudice.


These were shown on another blog I read.... so cute. I want them! I want them all.

Check them out here.

So stinking cute. I can't even deal.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thought I would post it here too....

Darby ( Hi Darby! ) posted a questionaire in her myspace blog and I post it in my myspace blog but I thought I would repost it here. Have fun being a voyeur into a little piece of my life because afterall that's what these are all about.

some q's
1. Spell your name without an E,R,S,H,K,I,M,A,:
2: Are you single?
I'm soooo married
3: Whats your favorite number?
7 is the number of completion.
4: Favorite color
Purple and green, not together but separate.
5: Least favorite color?
I think my least favorite color is orange. But all colors have their place.
6: What are you listening to?
The incessant rambling of the customer service department.
7: Are you sore?
? Actually my hips hurt from the treadmill.... If I was younger the beginning of this answer would sound dirty... but I'm old.
8: Are you happy with your life right now?
Sure am.... mostly....
9: Are you missing anyone?
I'm missing a lot of people right now. I just don't get enough vacation time.
10: What was/is your favorite subject in school?
English with Becky George, the best teacher in the world
11: Do you shop at hollister/abercrombie/AE?
Ummm did I mention I was old? I haven't shopped in those stores in years.
12: How do you earn money?
Dealing with Insurance Agents and having fun at Pottery Barn Kids.
3: Where did you graduate from?
Reynoldsburg High and THE Ohio State University. Go Bucks!
14: Are you outgoing?
Ummm pretty much yes.
15: One word to describe you?
16 What Color Hair do you have?
Dark blonde... yes it's my natural color now... i know it changes far too often.
17. What are you doing after this?
Working for the rest of the live long day.
18: Where do you wish you were right now?
Either in Ohio or laying on the beach
19: What should you be doing right now?
Actually working, but I'd rather not
20: Do you have a crush on anyone right now?
I love my husband, but I'm so crushing on Colin Firth since I watched Pride and Prejudice yesterday.
Can you blow a bubble?:
Yeah but I snap and pop my gum more than blow bubbles with it.
Can you do a cart wheel?:
Probably. I haven't tried in a while.
Can you touch your toes?Yup. It makes Adam mad that I can, because he hasn't been able to since his first back surgery.
Can you whistle?
only when I'm breathing in not when I'm blowing out.
Can you wiggle your ears?
I don't think I've ever tried....
Did you ever want to be a doctor?
Nope but I always wanted to marry one (maybe someday Adam).
Did you ever want to be a fire fighter?:
Do you know how to swim?:
yes, but I hate swimming.
Do you own a bike?
Nope, I hate biking too.... I'm a walking/runner.
Does your car get good gas mileage?
Sure does, thanks Honda!
Does your family have family picnics?
Adam and I like to grill out, does that count?
How did you find out about Myspace?:
From my high school kids last year, they were constantly on it.
How many of your friends on it do you actually know?
there are a few I don't know who I wish I knew.... like Cinderella and Ani Difranco....
How much money do you have on you right now?
Probably about 12 dollars. I had 15 but got Starbucks on the way to work this morning.
Last person you hung out with?:
Aymee, we watched Pride and Prejudice yesterdayLast thing you said out loud?:
Let me transfer you to customer service, one moment please (in my head: stupid customer follow the prompts!)
What was the last restaurant you ate at:
Panera Bread, I skipped first service of church to read Harry Potter.... Is that a sin?
What was the last thing you bought?:
Starbucks.... I swear they put crack in it to get you addicted.
What was the last alcoholic drink?:
Eleamar and I made up a pink panties type drink at girls night. Lots of rum will always do the trick!
Who is your newest friend you added to Myspace?
I don't even know....
Who was the last person who IM'd you?:
Probably my boss Tina on Tuesday
Who was the last person you kissed?
My hubby this morning as he left for work.
Who was the last person to leave you a comment?:
Benji, harrassing me about having kids!
Who was the last person you text messaged?
Andi Leigh
Ever cried yourself to sleep?
Of course! But it's been a while, Adam doesn't let me to go bed while I'm upset
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?
Of course!
Ever cried over the opposite sex?
Of course again.
Do certain movies make you cry?
Yup, this weekend I teared up during 50 First Dates
Current piercings?:
jonesing to get my nose pierced so much!
Have any tattoos?:
Yup, most people are really surprised by that, unless they knew me before I moved to Texas....
Straight hair or curly?:
Both. I hate that.... come on! choose one....
capris and a tee shirt I've had since middle school.... yup middle school. I love summer casual at the office.
not today
Person you talked to in person?
Aymee this morning about her kinda crazy roommate's boyfriend.... long story.
Person that texted you?
Andi Leigh
Current mood:
really tired.... still sleepy.
Current hair style:
short and sassy. not as funky as Adam would like
Current desktop picture:
The cutest little bird and stripe illustration from a graphic designer blog I read. It's beautiful.

Monday, May 21, 2007


A friend at work described me in one word.... Obsessed. Frankly, it's a good thing I don't gamble (Adam won't let me) and that I have a mind to keep myself from trying certain things (like gourmet cooking) because I do in fact become obsessed with things. If only I could be obsessed with waking up at 4:44 am to go to the gym.

Current obsession is crochet (as told by the constantly changing picture in the sidebar), I've finished a bag, another little baby kimono, and now I'm working on a throw blanket out of granny squares in the colors I would like to re-do my spare room/office in.

What did I do with my free weekend with hubby out of town? I crochetted and watched probably 6-8 movies on TNT and USA. I even have some of the movies on DVD but was too lazy to get up and put the DVD in and instead watched the edited versions trying to figure out what the curse words really were that were edited out.

Here's the list of movies watched (yes I am ashamed of some of them, but I none the less spent two hours of my life each watching them.)
Bride and Prejudice- This was for girls night on Friday... Even Lindsay watched some of it.
The Breakfast Club- Oh Molly Ringwald, I wanted to be you when I was a kid... and I still do.
Sweet Home Alabama- New personal goal: to have Reese Witherspoon's hair in that movie.
50 First Dates- My favorite: Drew Barrymore + Adam's favorite: Adam Sandler = Best movie ever.
A Walk to Remember- Mandy Moore? Is that you?
Legally Blonde- Another Reese Witherspoon movie?
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason- Just watched the very end... Made me wish I had it on DVD
My Best Friends Wedding- I love a good Julia Roberts movie every now and again.
Mr. Deeds- Just watched the very beginning before I had to pick Adam up from the airport
American Pie 2- As if the first one wasn't bad enough.... more of band camp.

On the note of movies, here's a few I'm looking forward to:
Harry Potter 5
Pirates of the Carribean 3
Knocked Up
Spiderman 3- still haven't seen it...
Shrek 3

Friday, May 18, 2007

Single for the weekend...

I always travel. I love to travel. I would probably choose more exotic places if money weren't an issue. This weekend I'm not traveling. Adam is. I dropped him off at the airport this morning after filling him full of Chick-Fil-a breakfast. So that means I'm single for the weekend. Nothing in the house will move or get cluttered unless I choose for it to do so. Cupboard doors will not be left open and I get to sleep as late as I want tomorrow morning without hearing Saturday morning cartoons in the background. I get to have an all girls night, at my house, with my single friends. Best of all.... I get to think about how much I miss my husband all weekend, knowing I'll see him Sunday night.

It's not unusual to see BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, Porsches, Corvettes, and even Ferarris around Dallas. I didn't grow up accustomed to this but think it's fun to watch when I'm stuck in traffic. This morning on the way to work from the airport I saw the customary little BMW convertible. This was no ordinary BMW however; the woman driving it had the top down (the weather had actually cooled to make it tolerable) and in the passenger seat was none other than the whole of her back bumper riding along buckled in. Then it dawned on me that the reason her top was down is her car is probably wider than it is tall and long and so she had to drive with her top down in order to carry her bumper as a passenger. I wish I had a picture, my description doesn't do it justice.

Where am I supposed to sit when I'm by myself on Sunday at church?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Congratulations, Babies, and Sadness.

I had half a post finished when we began a morning of power surges in the office that keep kicking off the computers. So much for a quiet Monday... I need more coffee.

Let's see if I can remember everything I'd already posted about.

Horray for Friends... This fits under each category, but I love all my friends especially those I don't get to see very often.

We were so busy this weekend we forgot to grab our camera. If you have fun graduation pictures or other pics from this weekend please share them with us!

To all of our friends and neighbors who graduated from Dallas Seminary this weekend. We were there and I was moved to tears by a few of you.... Especially Dr. Malcolm who just a few months ago was undergoing treatment for cancer and this weekend was cracking us up with jokes about the British.

Also special congratulations to Danny. This weekend we spent a lot of time with him, his family, the Campbells, sans bebes, and the McDonalds, and we've not had that much fun in a long time. It's so fun to see how God works through our lives and friendships all over the US. Gosh, we miss you guys.

It continues to rain babies!
Adam's going to visit his brother one last time this weekend before he becomes a dad and crosses over to what I designate as a "responsible adult" because Ella will be here before we know it.
My Darby-Friend is "getting huge" (just quoting herself, I would never say anything like that) as she is due in Sept/Oct. Note to Darby: 1. I doubt you are huge, and if you think you are huge now, you've got a rude awakening coming in the next few months. and 2. Babe Koog needs an E name to carry on the the ABCD tradition.... just a thought. But I would hate to be stuck with the F next....
Baby Zara Lily, Malcolm and Tamara's littlest one was here on her first trip to the states. It was awesome to get to see her.
I got to see little Jackson this weekend. He's not a baby anymore! He's a big 9 months old. That means he's been out of the womb as long as he was in the womb. He was big, and sitting up, and had the cutest laugh in the world.

The weekend is over, friends have hopped on planes to go home. I'm here having a good ol' case of the Mondays at work and I'm daydreaming of the next time I get to sing the school anthem at Prestonwood will be when I'm the wife of Master Kipp. Can't wait, just can't wait.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Back to the Jungle

Here I am at work... It seems like just yesterday that I was on vacation. Oh wait, it was yesterday. That's right. Duh. I'm so tired I can't even deal. I feel like my head could hit the desk at any time and the sound of my phone ringing makes my eye twitch. Is there such a thing as vacation hangover? If not I'm inventing it right now, patent pending.

I had such a wonderful time in Ohio. It makes it harder to leave everytime I come "home."

Andrea's wedding was absolutely beautiful! All us girls were beautiful too thanks to the wonderful workings of black satin, a salon, and Jodi Springer's Mary Kay Magic. I had a dozen people tell me that they didn't even recognize me at first.
Among other entertaining events, I got to Cinco party with my fam, see my brothers (except for Ryan because he was playing ball), and spend some time with the inlaws and my Jessica.
The white wine is always good and kudos to Colorado for making Fat Tire beer. It's now right up there with Texas' Shiner Bock as one of my favorites.
Beautiful Brittany. My Lil cuz.

My momma! :)

E-Bunny and me- So cute I can't even deal.

Me and Mrs. Fergie-Ferg

My soon-to-be Sister! She'll be taking my name...

The fam- Trent, Chase, Dad, Cheryl, and me

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hello From Ohio

Greetings from Cloudy/sunny but humid Ohio. It's funny how Ohio can be cloudy and sunny at the same time, Texas is never like this. I'm sitting here at the computer waiting for 225 program covers to print from the slow printer beside me, but I'm happily waiting so it's ok.

Things are going well and the excitement is building for the wedding this weekend. Horray!