Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just call me Nurse Cara these days. Max is finally over his cold that turned into a touch of bronchitis, he's half way done with his antibiotic and is definitely feeling better and coughing less.

But I did return home from a wonderful weekend in Ohio to this:

Adam sprained his ankle during a heated scavenger hunt while I was gone and so we've had a strict ice and heat and brace regimen around the house. And lots of moving pillows to keep it elevated. The other side looks just as bad and his toes are bruised too. Gross.

But the whole point in my blog today is sharing a few projects I've recently finished and given to their owners. And one I've not finished yet. There's always one I've not finished.

I finished the Whirligig Shrug in the nick of time (I think it was still a little damp when it was unwrapped in fact). But it seems well received and I know anything will be adorable on the soon to be here BGF. I'm thrilled with it because it was BY FAR the hardest thing I've ever made, especially for it being so small.

Blocked and wrapped up, I finally left the coordinating hat and scarf for Grammy's birthday. Hopefully she'll enjoy them when she returns from the beach to chilly Ohio.

Here's the next one. A surprise, but in my favorite little pattern, the basketweave.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


With salt dough

With Ben at church

With Ms. Lynn

With a pumpkin (he likes to smell it)

With the Christmas present I found today. It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Kitchen.

Standing on his Christmas present.


The Pumpkin

The Salt Dough

A little Autumn
It doesn't feel like autumn around here, but more like Thanksgiving. It's been rainy and cold. We haven't had any of those brisk sunny fall days. But I finally got a bit of Autumn inside today and arranged some candles. One for the middle of our table and one is in the living room.

I got this hurricane on sale today for $13 at Hobby Lobby. I've been waiting for one to be reasonably priced, I couldn't justify paying $40.

The leaf bouquets were 50% off so I grabbed a couple with the little beady things on them and
then ripped them apart whenI got home.

I'll hopefully have some finished projects to share soon and some big projects in the works for the future.

Max and I are heading to Ohio tomorrow to celebrate the pending arrival of babies. Lots of babies! :) We'll be at a shower and also hopefully will get to see Nick and Kara too!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I can't believe how busy we've been. I haven't even had time to check my email sufficiently, let alone be on the internet. We've been on the go and it's all been lovely but truth be told, I'm exhausted today. Just worn out and tuckered.


I can't say we spend a lot of time sitting still. We've got lots of things to be busy with everyday. Max demands constant movement. The past few days he's has the first runny nose of the season. Can't say I'm too surprised, it's been rainy and cool with intermittent sunny days. This afternoon I think we'll go outside and play in the leaves. But I can't say I didn't take advantage of a cuddly baby.

We took a quick day trip to Chicago to visit our friends, the Prados, who were in town. I wouldn't pass up a chance to spend time with Steph and allow Max to visit with his birthday twin, Rylee Grace. They were literally two peas in a pod and instantly loved each other.

Yesterday I was trading out Max's summer clothes for autumn clothes and organizing in his room when it got awfully quiet in the direction of kitchen where Max had headed moments before. I decided to investigate and found the little stinker with a mouth full of cake and this:

on our lower counter that Max can reach. It was the lovely slice of apple cake I had been saving for after supper with a chunk missing out of it. :)

This is an example of the ornery face I receive when he knows he's doing something he shouldn't.

Other Pictures:
Yet another laundry basket picture

Playing in the wagon

Look what I found at a garage sale? Anyone want to buy this kid? Apparently all together he costs $7.50

Max enjoyed dressing himself this morning. In our house that means, socks on our ears!


And just because I know some of you read for more that just my kid, I've been crocheting and knitting away. I haven't been doing many other crafty things, but I will be making part of Max's halloween costume and some other things in the next few weeks. I've been much better about making things that mailing them out so I have a pile sitting upstairs that need to go to the post office.

My grandmother gave me all of her leftover yarn that she had. Apparently I come by yarn collecting genetically.... Thanks Grandma!

Most of it have large plans of becoming Christmas presents....

Sadly I make Max model everything toddler sized that I make. He was not happy about modeling Kate's birthday poncho.

I finished something for myself. I bought this hand dyed yarn and made my self a shawl/scarf with it that I love!

This is the completed hat of Rylee's finished just in time to take to Chicago.