Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in the Saddle

We've been busy squeezing every single bit out of this summer. I've been purposefully spending time away from the blog. It's not really been something that was deemed "most important" for the summer. I've missed it and after years of doing it, often thought "I should blog about that!" and then we would keep swinging or eating popsicles or swimming at the pool, and I would forget. At the end of my day I would fall into bed exhausted, having not blogged, and IT WAS GOOD. The most important of all of our friends and family knew the most important things about us, we all survived. I was freed up in time to do a little more knitting, a little more Bible study, a little more life. But I've also been a little better about keeping up with friends' blogs and I realized I missed having a document of our daily life, what the kids were doing, where I was as a mom and a person. So here's to the beginning of school and new schedules and new routines. We'll see if I find time to pop in here a little more. I've continued to take pictures of the kids the 13th of every month... Here's July and August.
Swinging in Cody, NE on our work trip to the Sandhills Church of Hope there. It was a fantastic time!

On our front porch after a rain shower

Max's favorite thing to do right now is play pretend, sometimes he's an animal but most the time he's a robot
My friend Denna (the pastor's wife in NE) and her youngest (of 5!) Miriam

I scooped out watermelon and Adam said "hey that looks like a hat" and then everyone tried it on (except Mama)

One of our adventures of Max accidentally locking himself in his room. It's an antique door that we didn't even know could lock. So out through the window onto the roof it was.

We did lots of swinging and swimming this summer

One of us learned how to walk

We chased hot air balloons across the countryside

We visited new (to us) parks

We had lots of picnics

Helping to make granola bars. Max pretty much helps cook at least once a day and we have recently started having him set the table as well. He's getting so big!

Max is such a little man. He is a fountain of quirkiness and laughter and spunk. He starts back to (pre)school next week and also starts as a Cubbie in our church's AWANA program. He remembers EVERYTHING you tell him and will constantly remind you. Everyday we start our day with Max asking where we are going to go today? Who are we going to visit? Which friends are we going to see? Can we go to the park? Can we go to the library? Can we play outside? Can we play Legos? on and on and on.

Penny is a little spitfire has definitely changed from a baby to a toddler over the past couple of weeks. It's like one day she decided she was done being a baby and started walking and talking and being a teenager. She's a bit more moody than I ever remember Max being, and it's so funny to see her be shy (that's not really a trait we have in our family) and so sweet. She's definitely a Mama's girl and a bit of a homebody as well.

Well this is just an inaugural post. I'm hoping to pop back in soon to talk a little bit about our recent trip to Disney World and also check in on my 30 before 30 list I started last year.
I really have missed all of you.