Saturday, January 31, 2009

Break from the Shred

I took a break from Shredding today. I know I only did 5 days. It's not that I didn't want to, it's just that today was spent mostly at the house and I'd already showered once when we got home and didn't want to again tonight. Stupid reason I know, but it's true. So I did 40 minutes of Crunch Pilates and proved to myself that it can still kick my butt. I used this dvd to tone up for my wedding and man did it work well. I feel almost as exhausted from that as I do from 30 Day Shred.

Tomorrow: back to 30 Day Shred

Home Remodeling Part 12- Goodness, it's been a while....

We've been doing work around the house, we just haven't had anything exciting happen. I'ts been cleaning, scraping, priming, wire brushing, and going back and forth between decisions (that last part pertains to me).

Today we wire brushed all the trim in the dining and living rooms, sanded down some of the rougher spots, and then started painting the trim. The problem with those doorways and windows is that they've been painted so many times that they only way to get them looking great would be to strip them down and start fresh. Yeah, we don't have that kind of time, so we did as much as we could, just don't look beneath my curtains.

Adam's parents are coming in to town this coming weekend and we are hoping to get some more of the painting done with them around.

After the majority of the painting is done, the carpet is coming up and out! So long olive colored shag!

I forgot the camera. I'll get some taken this week.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Shred Day 5 and other updates

I guess this is really just giving me an excuse to blog each day... but I figure if I don't blog you might think I've fallen off the wagon. Not yet!

I'm totally noticing a difference from today to the other day. I didn't even struggle to get out of bed today (well, actually I did, Max was up half the night, but at least it wasn't because of muscles screaming). And I'm super glad I skipped the nap this afternoon to do this instead. It got me through the afternoon just fine, actually better than a nap would have.

I was thinking about it, but it might have been good to weigh myself before I started. Although my goal is not really about losing weight (mostly about toning and building all the lost muscle) I would be interested now if I'll even lose any weight with it.


Max has been a little rough this week, we actually haven't left the house much at all this week. He's got a runny nose and is trying to break through a couple more teeth, one's through and I can see the other just under his gum.

The House
We have been working on the house, I know I haven't had an update on it. I'll have a full post on that tomorrow or Sunday, but we have been working- don't you worry.

I've been working on fingerless mittens for myself. I finished one mitten tonight. One more to go. I'm also starting another baby blanket tonight while watching tv.... Can't wait!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's that time again, I can't believe it's Thursday already. Where has this week gone?

This week I'm especially thankful for being able to be a stay at home mom. That's actually a little hard for me to write, but when I honestly think about it, I am truly thankful to spend these few years at home.

I'm not one of those natural stay at homies that love every minute with their child and nurture their growing child every day purposefully. I love working, I love leaving the house, I love adult conversation, I love having a schedule.

But I hope that Max staying home with me during this time will make a difference later in his life. I love getting to spend so much time with him and be around for those milestones and colds and everyday mundane activities that we get to do day in and day out.

I don't know for sure that I'll always be able to stay home with the kids, but I am truly thankful for the chance to do it so far!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you're THANKFUL for this week! :)

Yeah, I'm Shredding

Today was less painful but more tiring! At least it wasn't as painful, because holy cow I was about to die the past two days. I have noticed a difference in what I can do (and still can't do) but I love that I'm actually able to do all the (modified) push ups and all the cardio I'm supposed to be doing. Yeah! Success!

It makes me laugh because now Adam and I refer to it as Shredding. "Hey did you shred already today?" "Oh let me call you back, I'm shredding." It sounds a lot cooler than it really is, you know- me panting and sweating. But I'm doing it and that's what counts.

Just for reading this update you will receive one super cute picture of one super cute kid.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whew - Day 3

Well I made it through day three! Thanks for all the encouragement friends! My body is slowly responding, they say that after you have a baby, your body doesn't work the same and I can be a testimony for that, things that had never hurt before no matter how hard the training, hurt this morning when I tried to get up and then hurt even more this afternoon as I went to the basement to start a load of laundry.... I didn't think I was going to make it back up the stairs without taking a break.

I did do Day 3 this morning during morning nap time (yesterday was during afternoon nap time and two days ago it was after bed time) so I guess according to that schedule in theory I should be getting up to do Day 4 before the house is awake in the morning... I wouldn't bet on that one.

Today was a LOT easier than yesterday and I felt a lot stronger (if more wobbly due to the muscles screaming for mercy). I think I also cursed under my breath considerably less today. I also was able to keep moving through the whole thing instead of staring in disbelief at the last minute of the dvd while the "helpers" with Jillian (ha I just inadvertently wrote Killian, Kill-ian, ha!) did bicycle crunches. I won't lie, I can't do bicycle crunches yet, but I at least did regular crunches for the last minute instead of just laying on the floor panting.

I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day on the floor or couch reading Twilight or tending to my cranky baby. But I'll be honest, it was mostly reading. I read while I fed him lunch and during his nap and while he watched Finding Nemo and played and while he climbed all over me and whined because he doesn't feel well. But I'm almost done with the first book so I'll end this now and get back to that obsessively good book.

My lovely tea break tonight


Today we're surrounded in new snow. I've got a new book I'm totally into (Twilight, yes I realize I'm behind....) and Max has a new tooth. That's three this month after not having any for so long. At least this time it's a bottom chomper.

I think we'll be hunkered down for the morning in calmness...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day Two!

I got off my very sore duff this afternoon to do the 30 Day Shred again today. Here's the thing... I'm great two days in a row, it's the third day that's going to make or break me. I had the good kind of sore feeling this morning and thought I would get to it early today.

I then realized that I hurt when I move the muscles that are worked during the dvd and that by moving those muscles repeatedly, I would hurt more. I was unable to do as much as I did yesterday due to the excruciating pain coming from my calves, hamstrings, biceps, and upper abs. Yup you guessed it, pretty much everywhere.

But now I'm curled up on the couch and have to make dinner at some point which might have to include me getting off the couch at some point. At least The Biggest Loser is on tonight and maybe it will motivate me to continue with Day 3 of the Shred...

Just because you read my complaining, I will reward you with the cutest kid in the world.

Howdy Ma'am!

Monday, January 26, 2009

30 Days? Are you kidding me?

Adam often has meetings on Tuesday nights. After Max goes to bed, I'm left all alone. I found that The Biggest Loser is on from 8-10pm on Tuesday nights and I got hooked. Last season was awesome and so far this season is even better.

Also, before I got pregnant with Max you may remember that I was getting into 5Ks and spent quite a bit of time on the treadmill. In fact, I was looking at some pictures the other day from Andi's wedding and darn I looked awesome. Leave it to pregnancy and my love of Sonic Smoothies during that time to make me forget the great feeling that comes with a workout.

I dropped the number weight pretty quickly after Max was born. I've hovered right near the number I was when I got pregnant. But if you've had a baby, you know that after does not look the same as before even if the numbers are pretty close. I was always concerned with my lower half (I've never been "skinny"), you know a little junk in the trunk. But I've never had to worry about the middle and top too.

I also took for granted all the muscle mass I used to have. I laughed in the face of sit ups- now I can't even do one.... Where did my core go? I think I pushed it out of me when I pushed out Max. Pilates, you used to be my friend. I can handle being a little "softer" I think that's one of the battle scars of being a mom and one I would wear proudly. I just want my clothes to fit a little better (by that I mean I want my clothes to fit me again).

So today I completed Day 1 of 30 Day Shred. I've put myself in the hands of Jillian Michaels and man did it kick my butt! I realize I'm the perfect candidate for this, so we'll go with it and see where 30 days takes me.

I'm baring all because it's worse for me to fail in front of the internet and people who read my blog, than for me to fail alone in my living room. And also because admitting you have a problem is the first step in dealing with it. I've done it before and I can do it again. I will get back into shape. After all Max will be running soon and I'll need to keep up.

I've also taken to reading Bodies in Motivation - a website started by Linda of All and Sundry who I've followed for years now in the blog world. It's still in it's beginning stages, but I like where it's going. It's more about MOTIVATION than anything and that's what I need. Encouragement. Encouragement to not want to punch Jillian Michaels in the face by the end of the 20 minutes .... Did I mention that so far 30 Day Shred is kicking my behind?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Musical Monday 2.0

So I've decided my theme will be around the music I listen to... and at this stage in my life it revolves around Max. So last week's If You're Happy and You Know It was just the beginning.

We have a loving relationship with PBS kids in our household. We don't have cable and so this is my opportunity to shower in the morning while Clifford the Big Red Dog is on or my personal favorite, Sid the Science Kid (done by the Jim Henson Company!)- But during the commercials they quite often have Steve Songs on and Max could be totally ignoring the television but will stop what he's doing and watch Steve each time he comes on, no matter the song. This one is my personal favorite. It's so catchy I sing it for hours after it's been on.

Snow is pretty, but I liked snow a lot more when I lived in Dallas. We have about 3 inches right now and at least two more are expected over then next 24-36 hours.


I've been crocheting when I get the chance (which isn't a lot of the time, but now that winter tv is back in full swing I do it during LOST, The Office, 30 Rock, etc....) but I finished a couple of projects lately and thought I would share.

This is a Valentine's garland- I've made a couple now, but this is the only one that got photographed and at that, not even in use. I found the pattern for the hearts over at Bella Dia. This one is made from cotton and I like it alot better than the one I've made from acrylic yarn.

This is an afghan I finished for Max, I made one for Ella a long time ago, and thought it would be especially useful for Max because of the little hoodie. The wind here is brutal and he hates to have me just throw a blanket over him.

This is a finished baby afghan I started back in November and have finished this week. It kept getting put on hold. I love this pattern and think the stitching is beautiful!

And some dishcloths I started and finished in one evening.

I've started a pair of fingerless mittens for myself. Hopefully I'll have them done before the snow is all gone. I've also been experimenting with altering the pattern I found, so it's been interesting. Two rows down and three frogged, you know, that kind of project.

I've also got some beautiful yarn I'm looking forward to using it. Some I've been stashing for a while waiting for a wonderful pattern to come along for another baby afghan, and some wonderfully colored wool I'll be making a shawl from for a birthday present.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pulls ups and swimming

Max has been an exciting little thing in the past week or so. He started pulling up on Monday and has decided all the bumps and bruises are worth it.

On the kiddie gate

On his toy box

On his exersaucer

On the laundry baskets

On his Lego bucket

On the couch

And instead of sleeping

Daddy and Max also spent yesterday afternoon swimming in the pool. The indoor pool at 5 Points has a zero entry and Max loved crawling around in the water and couldn't understand the cause and effect relationship between splashing and getting water in his face.

Oh what's that? Pulling up in the pool too?

He's such a fun, happy little kid. I just love him to pieces!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's back friends! Thankful Thursday!

Today I'm thankful for a wonderful church. We've been so blessed by the members and attendees of our church. This past Sunday our worship leader surprised us by having the church come forward and show us some love at the end of service. I wasn't prepared and ended up crying- but the line was so sweet. It was worth it to see the people that have already become so important to our daily lives.

This morning was spent with a dozen wonderful ladies in a cute little coffee shop talking about family, life, and ourselves. Such fun it was- I'm looking forward to tomorrow's repeat with some different ladies.

(Here's a few of them)

check out our new website if you haven't already- Some of Adam's sermons are up so listen up!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


When our last President was originally sworn in I couldn't vote. I wasn't old enough. I voted in the election before this one, and voted again this time around. It doesn't matter who I voted for in each of those. You win some you lose some. I wasn't interested the first go around with W, and felt it didn't matter last time, but today I found myself watching news coverage a large portion of the day. I got caught up in the excitement and possibility for "change." And I also wanted to see what Michelle would wear to each of the festivities.

We discussed the "politics" of today in Bible Study a bit and it made me think about praying for our leadership. I've never really been that into it. I mostly like to concentrate prayer on those I know, but today I was reminded of the importance of praying for our leaders. I also happened to miss the actual inauguration and was interested in finding out how Rick Warren's invocation played out. There'd been a lot of chatter about it all and the possibility of him using *shhhhh* Jesus in his speech.

It was a good prayer, not nearly as contrversial as it could have been. The outcome of my Bible study discussion is that I'd like to remember to pray for our leaders. Whether you voted for this one or not, he deserves our prayers.

So- from Warren's speech comes my prayer for the President and his family:

Give to our new president, Barack Obama, the wisdom to lead us with humility, the courage to lead us with integrity, the compassion to lead us with generosity. Bless and protect him, his family, Vice President Biden, the Cabinet and every one of our freely elected leaders.

Musical Monday... er Tuesday....

Yesterday was a "not getting out of PJs" day for us. So I didn't do anything and that includes blogging for the first Musical Monday - But here it is Tuesday and I think I should get with it. I've been trying to think of a song for the past week that would be appropriate, and I've come up with the song we sing most around here. Well one of two songs anyway....

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!

I know sort of lame, but around here we've been encouraging Max to clap clap clap and so it is repeated over and over. It means so much to me because it represents how quickly my little one is changing and growing. This time last week he didn't know how to clap and now he does! It's so amazing watching him change each day (yestrday he taught himself how to pull up on the furniture!) and even when I'm frustrated I just remind myself that this too shall pass too quickly and I try not to take any phase for granted- but that whiny frustrated sound he makes that can surely go soon right?

Oh yeah and we always sing the clap your hands verse over and over we don't stomp our feet or anything else :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

back to some thoughts....

A lot of my blog now is about .... well two of the most time consuming things in my life right now, the baby constantly at my side, or on my back, or in my face- and the house, which happens to be taking all my money.

But golly gee, thinking about it this morning. I'm still me. I'm still the same person I've been for the past couple of years.

But here's the thing, I'm a little different.

My mind is a little divided now. I always have one eye on the little guy or one ear open.

But in another way I'm a lot more focused than I once was. My brain processes a lot more than it used to, I finally have some sort of direction I'm headed in and I know where I want to be in the next 6 months (hopefully living in that money draining house of ours) and even 3-4 years from now. That's just down right exciting to me.

I realized this week that so much of our time before being here in Illinois was obviously temporary. College, well we hoped that wasn't lasting more than four years. Dallas, what seemed like forever those first two years flew by in a blink and while I miss it so much, I mostly miss the people and the feeling of security we'd built around us there. I like the feeling of more permanence. Like it's ok if the project I start today doesn't get finished, because we'll still be here tomorrow. That's a comforting feeling. If I could live anywhere in the world, it might not be here (I'd love to live near the beach or in a big city) but I like who I am here and what I can accomplish here. Although I could accomplish more if a Target where closer....

So thanks to those who read this. Especially thanks for those of you who still read as my writing becomes less witty and more practical, a little less reflective, but more refined. Well hopefully refined.

In bloggy news. I'm planning a bit of a redesign and you'll see new buttons popping up along the sides as I go- so check them all out. I'll talk more about all of them as I go. I know I've been bad about Thankful Thursdays too, I promise I'll be trying to get back to those next week. I'm thinking up a theme to keep me going with them.

In other news. It's quiet in my house for now. Laura and Ella are in the air on their way to Spokane and Ryan is driving through Montana with Uncle Rick. This evening Andi and Corey get here for a weekend of fun. Better go wash the sheets on the spare bed!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Fun!

We've had Ryan, Laura, and Ella visiting on their cross country route from Florida to Spokane, WA. We haven't been snowed in, but it's been a lot of fun playing and watching all the snow fall. Laura and Ella are visiting for a few more days while Ryan completes their journey so maybe by then Ella will warm up to scary Uncle Adam.

We went to Old Chicago for dinner tonight (YUMMO!) and we've been watching the recap of Lost tonight in anticipation for next week's episode.

Ella really liked playing in the snow until Uncle Adam got too close, maybe tomorrow we'll go out and play some more if the windchill is above 0.

Future CinderELLA in the making, she decided to clean my floor with the dish towel.

Ella likes to wear hats- in the pictures above she's wearing a hat I had made myself, in the picture below she's wearing Max's hat. I'm making her a hat tonight for her to take with her to WA where she'll need it.

Max liked watching Ella in the snow from the safety of the garage. It sure is windy here.

Max has been learning to clap recently. Here's a demonstration of a half hearted attempt. He will hold one hand still and clap on it with the other hand. Too cute!

I've been trying for such a long time to get Max laughing on video, but he normally only laughs when I'm tickling him and therefor I cannot hold the camera too. But today he thought Daddy was HILARIOUS.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I haven't been wanting to post because I like pulling up my blog and seeing the word "PEACE" stand right there at the top. But write, I must, because there's been some things going on and I want to share them with you.

I found a t-shirt I would have dressed him in everyday this week....

This adorable shirt is from -here- I would probably buy one of everything from this etsy shop if I could.

He's such a happy little guy all the time that when he's not (like now that he's been teething this week) it just makes us all miserable. We've been a whiny snappy bunch. It's not been pretty.
But his two front teeth have broken the skin so that's a plus, I wondered if he would ever get teeth.

I've been after him with the camera all week trying to get a picture of them, but he's a quick one. Or he tries to eat the camera, or yesterday he was smart enough to just blow on it to fog up the lens. That one was great. But I captured a picture of those elusive teeth...

Since it's been a bit whiny around here we've been walking around like this

It's hard to be a baby though, dontcha know?

I'm a paper hogger. So is Adam. This leads to disasters in our house. Piles of paper everywhere. Forgotten correspondence, bills almost late, things I mean to send to people and don't, outdated receipts and forms. My recent (and most challenging) project has been trying to get rid of the paper clutter- I've broken it down into simple tasks and it's already been helping.

Mail- When it comes in the house, it gets separated (this is hard because now we get mail at TWO houses) into categories - important needs dealt with today, needs filed, needs dealt with but not immediately, fun stuff (includes magazines, catalogs, letters, cards) and junk (which goes immediately into the trash). Then I deal with it accordingly.

Magazines and catalogs- This is one of the specifics out of the Mail category, but is a huge issue for me. I get at least one catalog a day (check out the new PBK if you haven't, it's fabulous) and subscribe to a couple magazines (probably half a dozen) and so that alone causes a build up of piles. I love looking through magazines for ideas for decorating (especially now that I have decisions to make!) and crafts and recipes and inspiration and so I hate throwing any of them right into the trash. Now each afternoon during nap time I flip through as many as I can while Max is asleep - rip out pages if anything is necessary to keep and then throw it out. So far this week I've thrown out each day's hoard, plus additional ones so I'm whittling down what I have.

Binders- What do I do with the ripped out pages? I have a series of binders. (I used to kinda do this but it's so great I'm expanding my collection this year) My most used binder is my recipe one. I used it almost everyday. I have plastic page protectors in there that I slip recipes into and I have it separated by category: Appetizers, Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Breakfast, Desserts, etc. It's perfect to use because I can just wipe down the pages if they get something on them (which they often do) and I can just throw away stuff I don't end up using and replace it with a new one.
I also have a binder for Home Ideas (would be super helpful right now if I could find where I packed it), Crochet Patterns, and General Crafts. This year the new binder I'm adding is a Home Notebook. I read about it on the Gidget Goes Home blog where she talks about her binders and have been putting one together this week. I've been taking the other binders and organizing them, paring down what I don't and won't use.

Craft supplies- I have a lot of paper craft supplies. Wallpaper samples, scrapbooking paper, scraps of cardstock, card making supplies, etc. Hanging around. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll be going on a card making binge that will free up some of this stuff. I'm also planning on finishing the Disney scrapbook from our trip in 2007 (yes, that's two Disney visits ago) because I've been wanting to start Max's scrapbook but will not allow myself to have two going on at the same time. I'm hoping that will allow some of that stash to disappear.

This has nothing to do with paper, but it falls under the organizing category

Max's stuff- Babies have a lot of stuff. I got out Max's next set of clothes (he's in 12month stuff) and in the process opened a whole Pandora's box in his closet. So out it all came and back in it all went in a much better appearance. It was also time to pack up some of the toys and things he's too big to use now, so that was one box, and I've been putting up some of his Christmas toys to get down in March when we are bored of what he has now to play with.

We've been adventurous cooks around here lately. Well not too crazy, but you know outside out box. Adam got a bread machine for Christmas so we've been playing around with that, we haven't gotten our favorite yet, but it's been fun to try new things.

I decided the other day to make a whole chicken in the crock pot. I've made turkeys loads of times in the oven, but for some reason a chicken has always been intimidating. Except for the grossness that comes with getting the skin off, it was great. And there was a lot of meat (we're still eating it in different things three meals later) and so I feel like it was totally worth it.

Along with the chicken I made fresh green beans. While I was snapping off the ends (yeah, in my living room, Max had a rough day and would scream when I left the room) Max thought it was awesome to sample them. He also liked them once I cooked them. Adam however did not.

It's been slow this past week in the crafting department. I wish I was motivated to do something long term (and well enough to actually sell) but I just get into slumps where I could care less about things. But then I realized, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I found some awesome tutorials and ideas for decorations (I don't have any) so I'll be working on those. This constituted a trip to Joann Fabrics today to take advantage of their yarn sale. Horray for new yarn!

I'm still working on a few lingering projects from the pre-holidays (luckily nothing that was supposed to be in the mail for them) and so I'll just keep plugging away at those.

I've also been having a bit of numbness and pain in my hands and fingers which is becoming bothersome. I'm assuming it's a bit of carpal tunnel since all I've been doing is painting and crocheting and typing for hours and hours a day. So that's been slowing me down a bit too.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Word of the Year for 2009

I've decided that this should be the word of the year for me and my family this year. The word has special importance to me this year as last year was so tumultuous. A search for peace this year is just was this family needs. After the pregnancy, graduation, birth, quitting my job, moving across the country, Adam starting a new job, new house, and working on that house, a little peace would be perfect around here.

The word also has a deeper meaning for me. I love to have peace and tranquility around me. I Love people and fun and music but the times I treasure most are the quiet ones - reading on the couch, hands full of yarn crocheting away during nap time, nighttime when everyone else is asleep and there's a quiet moment to think. Ah, so peaceful!

Even deeper than that, is the spiritual peace that I've come to know over the past two years. God has shown His will and grace and PEACE to us repeatedly over the past few years and that peace is starting to ground itself in my heart, and I
love that. I love the peace that comes with making the right decisions and knowing you are striving after truth and knowledge. I'm praying that peace continues on into this year.

This post is part of a contest at Tip Junkie

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Big Day!

The New Year is off to a good start for our family. I just love a fresh start and all that it entails. I mentioned we are not much for resolutions around here, but I do tend to make some goals to start the year off with. This year I've decided to do coupons. I tend to do coupons for Max's diapers and formula and baby food, but have decided to put more of an effort into daily things. It may be more of a time waster than a money saver, but with online coupons and things like that now, I don't see how a little wasted time could steer me wrong. So I'm subscribing to the Sunday paper (it'd be fun to read some of that anyway), and I'll be scouring the ads, so send me your coupons if you wish!

Also in REALLY big news, Max's first tooth is about to break skin. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago to some people that I thought Max might get his upper teeth first. I had never really heard of it, but his gums seemed irritated and swollen on top and nothing on the bottom. I knew something should happen soon, he's almost 8 months already. I randomly check his mouth now and again but mostly the bottom. The past day or two he's been drooling so much he's been choking on it at night and it's been constantly wetting everything he and I are wearing. He's even been crawling over to me and biting my jeans pants leg. So today I checked the top and goodness! both of them seem to be coming in together- Guess he's getting his two front teeth a little late for Christmas- :) The one on his right is just about through (I can feel the sharp point) and the one on his left doesn't appear to be that far behind. At least as far as I can tell in the millisecond I'm able to see in his mouth or get my finger in there before he growls at me and pulls away. Maybe that explains some of the shorter naps and night crying we've been having around here. I gave him some baby motrin before he went to bed so I hope that helps him a little.

I've also been forgetting to mention our new church website that's being launched. Check it out! Our wonderful friend Danny put it together. The big thing to note on there, will be the addition of listening to Adam's sermons online- those will be up really soon and I'll have a button to them on the side bar here as soon as they are up. Let me tell you- today's was good. Real good.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home Remodeling Part 11- What we've been doing

We've had quite a bit of time at the house in the past week or two. While Adam's parents were in town we got a lot of stuff done (well they did mostly, I can't say I did a lot while they were here).

They got one layer of the wainscoting off the dining room, all the glue off the walls where the wallpaper had been, everything got a cleaning once over that was badly needed, and the paneling came out of the living room and off the archway leading into the dining room. It doesn't look like so much listed out but man, it looks like a totally different house now.

Living Room


Dining Room


Earlier this week, I had some help at the house from one of the girls from our youth group. We each had a color and touched up the whole bathroom and then she entertained Max while I kept toiling away. It was great to have some time there with someone to help with Max.

Today Adam and I spent all morning completing little things to aim at starting some bigger ones next week. He worked on a new door for the bathroom and I did some more touch up in the bathroom (there's so much to do with the tile and all the doorways and the ceiling) but Max wasn't completely into being at the house, so mostly we watched Daddy play with his new tools. He's becoming quite handy out of necessity.

Here's what's on our immediate list for soon to be attempted projects....
1. Hanging the bathroom doors with the new handles so that we can "close" the room up and be done with it.
2. Patch the walls in the living room and dining room
3. Decide on wallpaper for dining room (possibly paintable) and one wall in living room
4. Paint ceilings in dining room and living room
5. Paint walls / hang wallpaper in living room and dining room
5.5. Paint all trim in dining room and living room
6. Pull up carpeting in the dining room and living room
7. Pull up subflooring in the dining room to see about the pine floors
8. Hang new wainscoting, baseboard, chair rail
9. new floors (finish boards, or carpet) in dining room and living room

Well there you go, I think we have enough to keep us occupied through the winter.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our New Year's Baby

We've almost recovered from our all night soiree with 20 teenagers. The Christmas stuff is boxed back up and put away, and college football has been on the television for two days straight. Just the goings on around our house. It's all been between a lot of naps catching up on the sleep we missed.

I think I talk a lot about how cute he is, but I need to mention how SMART he's getting. He knows the word "no" and he's starting to recognize a couple baby signs. Baby sign language is something that I love, I used it with the infants I worked with at the day care years ago and have started a few beginning words with Max. We are working on "all done," "eat," "more," and a few others that I can't think of at the moment.

I finally roasted the pumpkin I've had in the garage since October (I was told it would last until late January as long as it didn't freeze) and it is absolutely delicious. Max has been having some at meal times and I'll be splitting it up after making a round of pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies.

I also twisted a Christmas absolute in my house. Black Forest Pie is the easiest of pies, but also one of my favorites. This year I made Black Forest Trifle. Yum!

One last thing I finished up before Christmas (it got mailed after Christmas though). A baby girl blanket. I've decided I don't like working with thermal. But it is really cute.