Monday, February 28, 2011

the jot of LOVE - the end

Day 17 - staying in
Much of our day "in" consists of legos

Day 18 - going out
we don't get out a whole lot, but we do have fun when we do

Day 19 - when they're gone 
we've talked about this before, when daddy's gone we eat popcorn

Day 20 - when they're home
when daddy's home, it's time to fix things

Day 21 - hands
max's hands are always busy

Day 22 - face
i'm loving the different faces Penny makes lately

Day 23 - facebook
here's a goodie i stole from facebook from our "ugly" sweater party

Day 24 - when did you meet?
here's where I met Penelope Elizabeth

Day 25 - when you love them the most
when they are playing together

Day 26 - best friend
this is Penny and her best friend Colton. He loves her flexibility and she likes his smile.

Day 27 - what they say

Day 28 - future
our future is going to be moving and shaking- that's for sure!

I had a lot of fun doing this series this month. I liked the lessons she made to go along with the different days and I liked being challenged to use the camera more than I do. I put a personal challenge on myself to only use manual mode and I would say about 90% of the pictures you saw this month were shot in manual mode. 

January and February Yarn Finished Projects

Since I'm not likely to finish any of the four projects I have going tonight, I'll go ahead and post the ones I did finish in January and February.

It wasn't really a "quantity" kind of two months, but I'd say more of a "quality" time. I fnished a few things that were requested by family and friends (my favorite things to do because I know they are appreciated) and I the one that took up most of my time was a test knit using Malabrigo yarn which I had never used, and now once I've used it, it's hard to use something else. It's so smooshy and wonderful and soft and lovely.

edited: I must have felt like I should have done more... my mitts are in there twice. They are pretty awesome mitts though...
also you can always find all my details for projects on my ravelry page - friend me, i'm carakipp there.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Because

I know I should be doing a million things.... but today I've done some things JUST BECAUSE

I bought potted tulips... just because they were really cheap and looked so pretty and I love tulips because they remind me of one of my besties.

I bought yarn that felt really nice.... just because I loved the pattern that was free with the yarn purchase and I realized I've never made a pattern with the yarn intended for it. Until now....

I organized the bathroom closet... just because I was really annoyed with how everything gets shoved in there and nothing is where it should be.

I played outside with Max while Penny took a nap.... just because it's going to snow tonight and that means we'll probably be stuck inside for a few days. Ugh.

Here's a picture... just because....
there's something growing, promising spring will come soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the joy of LOVE - playing catch up

I've been taking pictures, I just haven't had the time to empty the camera let alone actually weed through the good ones and finding the time to edit, etc. But I've found a good hour here while Penny is playing by herself (a rare treat around here) and Max is napping.
So here are a few. I'm way behind, but I'll get there.
Day 11 - dream
waking up from a wonderful dream
Day 12 - eyes
ah, baby blues
Day 13 - routines
Penny's morning routine while Mama gets ready
Day 14 - wedding bands

Day 15 - kiss
poor picture, but I love it!
Day 16 - self portrait

Thursday, February 10, 2011

the joy of LOVE - 10 - space - where they are comfortable

she's most comfortable on the floor. and getting ready to crawl. which coincidentally makes mama very uncomfortable.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 6 & 7 & 8 & 9

Day 6 - who THEY love
I kinda did this one with Day 2 but revised it a little for Day 6
Penny and Max love each other. So much. It makes me smile.

Day 7 - generations
This picture is from January but I love it so much. Pop Pop with his  grandbabies.
Day 8 - gift from the heart (what they have said, done, promised, given)
This one was hard, but then I remembered this photo that makes me laugh each time I think about it. Max has given our family lots of laughter.

Day 9 - passions and hobbies
Max has a serious passion for tractors, construction vehicles, and anything with wheels.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 5 - love to hate

Today's theme is love to hate - I love to hate how Max eats donuts- from the top down starting with the frosting, then the cream in the center and lastly the donut. I don't know that he could come up with a messier way even if he tried. But darn he loves donuts!

Friday, February 4, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 3 & 4

Day 3 - then and now
Max in his crib two years ago and Max in his crib yesterday "helping" Penny

Day 4 - what they wear
Couldn't pass up the perfect opportunity for this one today

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 2 - how they look

I get a lot done when I'm up and at 'em at 6 am. That's not a great time for me, but I don't really have a choice. Penny's got a cough and it woke her up that early. She's normally my late sleeper, but not this morning.

I've already got some laundry done, taken a shower, the kids are dressed (I just put pjs back on, but for some reason I dressed the kids?)

So anyway the joy of LOVE day 2 is to take a picture of how they look... at you, at something, a look that's them.

I caught mine right away this morning. This is one of my favorite looks for Penny. She reserves it for her big brother. She just adores him. The joy on her face for him does not compare to anything else. It melts my heart every time. She eagerly waits for him to notice her.

We got a lot of snow last night. I don't know how much and it's hard to tell because of all the blowing and drifting. They've plowed our alley but not our street. There must be some reason I guess. I'm not going anywhere unless I can help it, besides when I went to check out the back, I found this

There used to be three steps there, well I assume they are still there, but I'm certainly not looking for them.

Our eager neighbors across the street have already dug out their drive... too bad the city hasn't done the street yet.
I'm torn because I don't want to dig out to go pick Adam up at the airport, but I also want him home. But mostly because I'm selfish and I want to nap and take a break from being a Mommy for like 10 minutes (or maybe 10 hours). We'll see what the airports are up to this afternoon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 1 - what they do

I've decided to do a little project for February. It's called the joy of LOVE and it's a little online photo class/tutorial. It's just for fun and I'm hoping to learn a little something new.

I know I won't post everyday, but I'm excited to see what comes out of this.

Today's topic is what they do and I chose to catch Max doin' what he does. Here's my pick of the day.
Eating Supper- A Favorite of Ours
 PS- Do you see the white on our windows in the background? We've gotten a foot of snow today and are looking at up to eight more inches tonight. I so am over snow.
PPS- You can sign up for the joy of LOVE too if you wish- click here