Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Take that Autumn!

We decided to celebrate the last full day of summer yesterday-
There was a strange melt down at dinner and so we decided to just have popsicles in the back yard
We sat outside on the blanket and watched the clouds until the wind suddenly changed and it felt and smelled like rain. When we turned to look the other way the clouds were different and we rushed inside. As I closed the door the first strike of lightening struck.

Today we've been rolling on the floor and talking to elephants and learning about chipmunks (Max's new favorite animal). We also went to the library for story time but Mama had the time totally wrong so we'll try again next week.

Sometimes I hate being a stay at home mom. I feel like I'm stuck in the house and stuck with kids hanging off of me. But then there are days like today where we just have to much fun and I remember to be reminded that I'm doing a much more important job than any I could have away from the house.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

13 and 14 weeks old

I've still been taking our weekly pictures- here are 13 and 14. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

True Confessions of a Housewife

We are back from Ohio and I've done about a dozen loads of laundry. Only half of those have actually gotten put away. I'm feeling good about that 50%

I'm frustrated with my three month old. I remember Max being frustrating at this age too. They can't quite "do" anything yet, and they are frustrated about that and it in turn makes me frustrated.

I've been eating anything I want because I'm nursing and running, except I haven't been too diligent about running on a schedule.

MOPS has been awesome and in fact gave my pretty bad week a complete turn around.

I talked to more than a dozen ladies this morning about organization. Um, and my living room looks like this:
Of special note are the clean clothes in the basket (see above) and the dirty clothes on the floor, breakfast dishes (from yesterday) on the side trunk, and bed pillow. How did a bed pillow get in the living room?

Luckily my kids are pretty cute, the weather is awesome, and my God is good all the time (even when I'm not)

Monday, September 6, 2010

12 weeks

It's been 12 weeks since Penelope's been born and she is such a joy. We love her now ready smiles and "talks" that she likes to have with us. We are starting to find a routine and learning her little personality. She's starting to love to sit up and look around and especially keep her eye on Max and what he's doing. She's starts to squawk at him when he's around her too much.
She weighs a little over 11lbs so she's right where she should be to meet the "double weight by six months" that "they" say babies should do.
She is starting to grow hair finally and it looks like it may be dark or even a bit red. We'll see. She's been to the kids clubhouse twice at the gym and one time did great and the other terrible and she spent the whole time in the nursery during MOPS on Friday and was awesome. She sleeps 7-9 hours straight at night and will take 2-4 naps during the day ranging from 1-3 hours if Max doesn't wake her up.

I made Buckeyes on Saturday and made the mistake of leaving them out on the counter to "dry" next thing we know Max is having himself a Buckeye pop holding on to the toothpick and eating away. He was quite proud of himself.

All of a sudden Max is all about Legos. We've spent hours each day building over and over and over. I'm already tired of stepping on stray ones. But he's so proud of his creations.
He also is really loving to help me cook supper when he wakes up from his nap. He's been helping quite a bit stirring and things. Tonight he helped me roll out the dough for our Stromboli.

My Aunt and Cousin stopped by overnight last night on their way back to Ohio from Chicago and Max loved playing with Cailynn.

We're driving through the night tomorrow night to get back to Ohio for a little less than a week. I'm so not looking forward to the drive.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

this morning

this morning it was fall.

Max asked for a blankie when we sat on the porch watching Papa mow the lawn

this was only after he tried to steal Penelope's

And Mama? Well I worked on a mitten. But I still had on a tank top and yoga pants. I'm not sure I'm ready for it to be fall.

we worked in the yard trimming and raking up some leaves and putting it all in the burn pile. we avoided the spray of the hose as we washed off some of the outside toys to be put in the garage for the season. we opened the windows and are enjoying the breeze while watching college football (rooting for UConn at the moment). I have the urge to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner and eat chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes.
Maybe fall is closer than I think...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

@ the farm again?

We went up to Tanner's Orchard this past weekend for apples. We were disappointed that the u-pick wasn't open yet (a weekend too early!) but we did have a great time wandering through the market and playing in the kids area. Max played for an hour and a half without stopping. He was still a little frightened of the goats (because of the pig incident last week at the farm park) but was friendly enough with them, so maybe it will settle down to be a healthy respect of animals. Penny did great, and spent all morning sleeping in the wrap. I don't know what I would do without the wrap!

I've been taking too many pictures... so here's another slideshow!

Also I've finished up another project. It was a test knit for someone on Ravelry and the pattern is available on there. It was super fun and it'll be so cute on Pens next summer.

Also just another cute pic of the kids

And lastly a daddy daughter pic