Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're still here. Just hanging out. Max must be growing again or maybe it's the heat, but he's been taking 2-3 hour naps. I'm not complaining because then I get to often take 2-3 hour naps, and I sure could use them. I'm hoping this sticks around for at least a couple of weeks.

I forgot to mention, but he had his 2 year appointment last week. He weighs 32 lbs and is 36.5 inches tall. Both in the 90%. He was quite leery of the doctor, which is funny since we haven't been there since December. We took him to my doctor's appointment on Monday and he was at first a little concerned about being there, but then realized it was a lot of fun to sit on a spinny chair.

At my appointment yesterday everything seemingly went ok. I have been having some vision issues, sudden weight gain, and yesterday and today have been swelling. While these signs seem to be leaning towards preclampsia, my blood labs came back fine. So I'll be going back on Thursday so the doctor can be reassured that I'm doing well. The baby's heart rate was great and my blood pressure was fine, so we are still hanging in there. I was not dilated at all.

Here are some pics of our week so far:
36 weeks

shaving with Papa

crazy squirrel (it was just laying in the grass and didn't care how close we got)

beautiful butterfly (this is not zoomed, this is how close I was)

My favorite pic of Max right now

A finished summer baby hat

An almost finished toddler hat (LOVE that it's a cupcake)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Capture- Depth of Field

I don't always participate in weekly posts. I've tried a number of times and am never consistent. But I do consistently read Beth's You Capture, because I love all things babies and photography and so she is the perfect mix for me. Plus she's just darn funny.

This week's challenge was on depth of field and I remembered to try and intentionally shoot some of that this week. But to be honest I always try for good Bokeh in my shots anyway. It just floats my boat.

I took quite a few that I like, but had time to edit one. So here you go. My vintage peonies along the back fence are in full bloom (all my peonies are in full bloom, I think they are one of my favorites).

In other exciting things, my contractions were down to 4-7 minutes apart for a good while last night and felt "different" than my other Braxton Hicks. Is something productive happening? I don't know but I hope so, I would like to at least have her born in June though. So let's just hang in there for a little bit longer.

Apparently every day is a party around here:

And here is Max opening one of his birthday presents from us:

And crafty things:
Sleep sacks for some important stuffed animals for a 3years old's upcoming birthday

Charity preemie and newborn cap

pieces of a monkey

I guess technically all these pictures count for the depth of field challenge eh?


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lazy Saturday

We decided to celebrate Max's birthday today, and so we are letting him pretty much dictate the day. I broke that first thing this morning when I made him go back to sleep at 5 when he woke up (but he did sleep 8 straight hours, which is the longest yet in the new room), but since he then slept until 7:30 or so Adam was much happier (because I then slept until after 9 - but I've been getting up for 5 nights now when Max wakes up). So far we've been watching his favorite shows and were hoping to play outside with the hose and go to the park, but it's cloudy and rainy (AGAIN!) and so we'll see.
Max napping in his big boy bed

This isn't just a bad picture, Max was falling asleep during his lunch, but continued to eat his potato chips. I thought it was hilarious. He would wake up long enough to ask for "more chips please" and then close his eyes and munch.

I've had a lot of back pain and pelvic pain this past week, and still have another week until my next drs appointment. I don't recall ever having this type of pain with Max, so I'm hoping there's something naturally going on and I won't have to be induced this time around (note: I did not mind being induced at all with Max, it was perfect and everything was fine, I'd just like to see what laboring on my own would be like).

We have a name unless something differently is decided once we see her. We are still tossing around a few middle names.

In terribly exciting food news, last night we had friends over for dinner and I attempted (per Adam's request) Mamaw's biscuits (for biscuits and gravy) and totally succeeded. They weren't quite the same thickness, but that's easy to change and Adam was thrilled this morning to have it again for breakfast. I normally just do frozen or refrigerated biscuits. But they were really good. :) thanks Mamaw!

I've completed a few crafting projects around here and of course have a few more I'm working on.
 On a trip to the yarn shop I asked Max if he wanted a new hat, he said that he'd rather have a lion instead. I got to work to have it done for his birthday (completed in on afternoon/evening)
I LOVE this cute little elf bonnet. Flower of my own invention.
Working on a birthday present for a special little girl. It's working up fast with two strands held together and 15 US needles. I didn't know if I would like the yarns all together, but I'm lovin the funkiness. :)

I think I've mentioned joining a SWAP for knitting/crocheting projects for the baby. I received my package in the mail yesterday (a few weeks early!) and loved what I found in there! Here are just a few of the things.
Hat, booties, and mitten set in BEAUTIFUL! yarn. So excited!
a newborn wool soaker with button down for umbilical cord. :) So cute!
There were other things (including treats for me!) - so much fun! I love handmade, and it's so funny how often people who make things don't receive handmade back.
On a similar note, we did receive a classic Mamaw afghan for baby girl, that is the most beautiful shade of purple and will perfectly match her room! Thanks again Mamaw. 
Speaking of her room... this week (since Max is securely sleeping upstairs) I'm starting the nursery's transition (finally!) to girly central.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Max!

Dear Max,
We can't believe you are two today. Where has the time gone? Where has my cuddle little toddling baby gone? Don't get me wrong. We love the big, funny, happy little boy you've become. You amaze us with all the things you understand, do, say, and climb. We wouldn't want you any other way. We are so excited to see what you amaze us with in the future.We thank God for you every single day.
Mama and Daddy

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


That's something I can't quite grasp these days. I think I don't have enough, then I find myself waiting with nothing to do. It goes by so quickly for three hours then a minute lasts six. I have so much to do it'll never get done in time, and yet six weeks seems soooo far away.

It's been more than a week since I've blogged and the real reason is that I've been lazy about it. I didn't want to edit photos, I just wanted to click around the internet and didn't want to put in any effort of my own.

So here's a long post. Probably with a lot of pictures. I've been working with a cross of gimp (a photo editing program) and picnik.com to get some results I've wanted. I'm completely unmotivated to do anything I need to  do so I'll play with the pictures while putting on tv shows for Max all morning. It's rainy and chilly and so I don't feel bad at all.

Here's a list of what's happened since I last wrote, because I can't keep things in order for myself.

  1. We had a picnic on the town square

  2. I got a wonderful Mother's Day present from Adam (well the baby and Max) - A Kate Spade tote to carry diapers around in
  3.  Grammy came to visit last Saturday bringing along Miss Sandy. Max loved Sandy and asked for her days after she left. We finally called her to let him talk to her.
  4. Adam performed six baptisms- all kids with a heart for the Lord (from ages 5-20)
  5. Grammy stayed the week and I barely picked up my camera
  6. Except for this shot
  7. We lost a play plastic hammer and it devastated Max
  8. We folded baby clothes, lots of baby clothes, and big boy clothes, clothes that seem too big for my baby
  9. Friends had a miscarriage and it rocked our world. But we saw their amazing faith and trust in the Lord and were humbled by it.
  10.  We went shopping
  11. We opened lots of presents
  12. Grammy bought Max a new plastic hammer. Joy ensued.
  13. I had a lot of contractions
  14. Grammy and I kept telling each other to take it easy. We both got in trouble for not following the others' orders
  15. Max climbed (again and again)
  16. Pop pop came to town
  17. Pop pop learned what happens when you leave the toilet seat up at our house
  18. Uncle Rick stopped by on his was from Ohio back to North Dakota
  19. I made red beans and rice for the first time (it was delicious, if I say so myself)
  20. I finished everything for the class I was taking and turned it all in (I just have to show up for class on Thursday)
  21. Adam and Pop pop worked on a lot of small projects around the house
  22. We celebrated Max turning 2
  23. I didn't cry. I laughed and was so proud
  24. Our sewer backed up inside and outside our house
  25. The son of a member of our church came over 7:30 am on Sunday to fix it so we could be at church
  26. I can still faintly smell sewage in our house (luckily it only backed up in our coal room which we do not use)
  27. Adam and I made a trip to the hospital with some false labor (and I thought my water may have sprung a little leak)
  28. But first we took some Mother's Day pictures
  29. We were sent home a few hours later after a lot of tests were run and a sono performed
  30. We got to see the babies perfectly formed ear
  31. Grammy and Pop pop left and less than 48 hours later my house is a disaster
  32. Last night we moved Max upstairs to his big boy room
  33. I couldn't get a picture because the lighting was too dark
  34. I cried
  35. Lightning woke him up at 3 am
  36. I cried
  37. We fell asleep together on the couch around 5:30 am
  38. I woke Adam up around 6 am so I could go back to bed for a bit.
  39. It's not even 11 am and I'm so ready for nap time