Friday, February 23, 2007

ahhhh...(sigh of relief)

The feeling of something new is always exciting. It always has that new smell... new look to it. I love new things. It makes me think of spring, flowers growing, sunshine on your face kinda feeling.
It was time for a new blog, so here it is... Setting something up like this is takes a lot of work. It's taken me a whole day at work to get it where I would like it, and trust me, I'm still not finished. I'll keep adding stuff and modifying it as I go. I promise.
You see, I get restless. It's inherited from my mother. I call her a drifter when I'm not calling her a hippie. She has this habit of moving and altering things as she goes. A project never finishes where it started out from. She moves every two years or so, sometimes longer, sometimes less. I never knew the stability of having a childhood home, I had two houses, a couple of apartments and a townhome where I grew up. But it made things for the best, I know how to adapt and how to adlib a lot of things.
The downside is that I have the restless spirit too. I get tired of doing things for long term. To some that would explain a lot of things about me: in five years I've had five jobs, just because I chose to do so; I've had 4 sets of curtains in my living room since we've moved in a year and a half ago; and I love to create and modify things for new uses.
But through the grace of God I've been able to learn the staying power of a few things. Like my faith, and my marriage to my adorable high school sweetheart. Knowing that there are things that remain, even when everything else fades away gives me great comfort, strenth, and freedom.
So I start this new blog, wishing I could smell the new blog smell, and hope that I can continue with due diligence in keeping up with old friends, encouraging others, getting things off my chest, and keeping that part of my brain that loves to write active.
If you are wondering about me, read my profile, or check out my older blog for some insight.


Darby said...

I don't think this is nonsensical at all--I also understand that not EVERYONE can read myspace.
What I read is that you're getting restless--that's okay, you're in a time of transition because of school.

Michael said...

Hey Girl, you have motivated me to start reading your blog. Restlessness, I think, is God's way of saying never be comfortable; keep the Kingdom moving forward in everything you do. All culture is sacred and much is in need of redemption and God uses little ol you and me to assist him in doing it. BTW, we had our first public service today. There are some bugs to work out but it was awesome.

kristi c said...

I love it girl! I think willingness to change is the sign of a brilliant mind! We make plans and God laughs so keep the changes rolling!

We miss you but I have you bookmarked now! I am at