Wednesday, October 14, 2009


With salt dough

With Ben at church

With Ms. Lynn

With a pumpkin (he likes to smell it)

With the Christmas present I found today. It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Kitchen.

Standing on his Christmas present.


The Pumpkin

The Salt Dough

A little Autumn
It doesn't feel like autumn around here, but more like Thanksgiving. It's been rainy and cold. We haven't had any of those brisk sunny fall days. But I finally got a bit of Autumn inside today and arranged some candles. One for the middle of our table and one is in the living room.

I got this hurricane on sale today for $13 at Hobby Lobby. I've been waiting for one to be reasonably priced, I couldn't justify paying $40.

The leaf bouquets were 50% off so I grabbed a couple with the little beady things on them and
then ripped them apart whenI got home.

I'll hopefully have some finished projects to share soon and some big projects in the works for the future.

Max and I are heading to Ohio tomorrow to celebrate the pending arrival of babies. Lots of babies! :) We'll be at a shower and also hopefully will get to see Nick and Kara too!


Darby said...

Make any dough ornaments out of salt dough?--SMILE!!! Miss you sooooo much! LOVE lots!

Anonymous said...

Your new decorations are so pretty!!Great bargains!!Of couse your featured little guy is adorable!!Mom