Friday, July 1, 2011


I know that you've been missing me. I've taken a step back from my internet time recently and this poor blog has been severely neglected. But never fear the Kipp family has been growing quickly. Since I last posted we've celebrated birthdays and births of babies, friends who are leaving, friends visiting from all over, and new friends taking new places in our hearts (because the old places are taken, you know). We've been to the zoo and the pool as much as humanly possible. We're planning trips to Nebraska next week, Florida at the end of summer, and again at the end of October. We are laughing a lot and eating popsicles. We are amazed how Penny learns something new LITERALLY every day. And how Max is suddenly like 8 years old instead of 3. It's been an awesome summer so far folks.

I don't anticipate blogging regularly here in the next few weeks. Maybe an update here or there when I get the chance.

A few funny things.
This morning in the car Max told me he had sprinkles on his arm. I asked him how they got there (he didn't really have sprinkles) and he told me it was because he eats donuts (note that he doesn't even like donuts with sprinkles, he's strictly a cream filled fan).

Also today in the car he was playing with an old cell phone and told me to hold on a minute because he was busy texting Pop Pop. And calling him. Both. At the same time.

May 13

June 13

taken today


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! So much fun at your house!! We love the pictures and updates!! We also appreciate how busy life is!!! You have your priorities in order-as always!!!!
Lots of Love And Hugs!!
Pop pop and Grammy

Laura said...

Thanks for posting, we enjoyed looking at the pics and seeing what you guys are up to!