Thursday, January 19, 2012

October 2011

Thought I would do a few monthly posts here to get everyone caught up on the end of our year. We had a wonderful end to 2011.

October was a bit of a whirlwind-
We kept waiting for autumn and it seemed to allude us. It was warm and wonderful and we were full of busy outings and playing outside.

Then we decided to extend summer a little longer by spending a couple of weeks on vacation! I flew with the kids to Florida to spend time with Grammy and then the rest of the family joined us a few days later. The kids LOVED playing at the beach and had so much fun with their cousin Ella.

We capped off the fun time by taking a Disney Cruise on the new boat Disney Dream. It was truly amazing. Everything was done up to "Disney" quality and while it was our (Adam and I) first cruise, I think it really did spoil us for any other type (the others that had cruised in our family agreed)!
I did thoroughly enjoy going to Nassau and shopping a bit with Grammy and Penny but by far the most fun was the day we spent on Disney's Island. It was so relaxing as Max LOVED the kids play area (which was a supervised clubhouse type thing) and Penny LOVED the babysitting/daycare area. So we were kids free for a few glorious hours!

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