Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Take that Autumn!

We decided to celebrate the last full day of summer yesterday-
There was a strange melt down at dinner and so we decided to just have popsicles in the back yard
We sat outside on the blanket and watched the clouds until the wind suddenly changed and it felt and smelled like rain. When we turned to look the other way the clouds were different and we rushed inside. As I closed the door the first strike of lightening struck.

Today we've been rolling on the floor and talking to elephants and learning about chipmunks (Max's new favorite animal). We also went to the library for story time but Mama had the time totally wrong so we'll try again next week.

Sometimes I hate being a stay at home mom. I feel like I'm stuck in the house and stuck with kids hanging off of me. But then there are days like today where we just have to much fun and I remember to be reminded that I'm doing a much more important job than any I could have away from the house.


Katie said...

It's so true. I feel the same about being a sahm. I have to remind myself of how lucky I am to have a healthy baby and how amazing it is to be with her all day and see the little developments. Today she learned to cluck and touch her nose...not at the same time. So I would say it's a fun day haha.

Amber said...

I feel ya! I think my time with Ben shows me more of God's grace and mercy in my life than anything else I have ever experienced. Sometimes I want to badly to be away from him and then when I am, I miss him like crazy and don't even feel like myself.
Autumn is refusing to come to our house, so feel free to come over if you need some more summer-popsicle days :)