Friday, September 17, 2010

True Confessions of a Housewife

We are back from Ohio and I've done about a dozen loads of laundry. Only half of those have actually gotten put away. I'm feeling good about that 50%

I'm frustrated with my three month old. I remember Max being frustrating at this age too. They can't quite "do" anything yet, and they are frustrated about that and it in turn makes me frustrated.

I've been eating anything I want because I'm nursing and running, except I haven't been too diligent about running on a schedule.

MOPS has been awesome and in fact gave my pretty bad week a complete turn around.

I talked to more than a dozen ladies this morning about organization. Um, and my living room looks like this:
Of special note are the clean clothes in the basket (see above) and the dirty clothes on the floor, breakfast dishes (from yesterday) on the side trunk, and bed pillow. How did a bed pillow get in the living room?

Luckily my kids are pretty cute, the weather is awesome, and my God is good all the time (even when I'm not)

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Dawn said...

You crack me up! I'm currently working on a spreadsheet with birthdays by month (with cutesy icons) and gift ideas/purchases - instead of doing the MANY other things on my more important to-do list! Thanks for supplying such great scrapbooking paper for my organizational binder! LOVE IT!