Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 2010

(This is a slide show of the highlights of our December. I wish I had enough time to write about each one. Each one has a wonderful story.)

This year is almost coming to a close and I've been a bad blogger. I'd like to blame it on the baby but really I can't. It's the combo of the two kids and also Facebook's fault. I can just pop a picture or two on there, or a funny story and it's done. Lately we've just been busy with life and all the things our schedules hold and really blogging hasn't held much interest. But I've recently realized what a TIME SUCK Facebook really is and have tried to resist the urge to KILL HOURS of my day stalking people and knowing about people's lives without actually being involved with them. Instead I've been trying to make intentional efforts to BE INVOLVED in people's lives. You know actually call them on the phone, or at the very least email them, or even, (GASP!) write a letter or card or two.
Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook... you see I'm a people watcher- I have missed many a conversation at my own table at a restaurant because I've been paying attention to the people the next table over. But I also realized that I was letting Max watch an extra show on Disney in the morning just so Mama could read her news on Facebook and that made me a little sad. So starting with out little trip to Ohio at Thanksgiving I've made an intentional effort to unplug for a good part of the day. I'm still obsessed with my email, the blogs I read, and a few forums on Ravelry, but I'm feeling pretty good about not knowing ever minute detail of the lives of people I went to high school with. I didn't care too much then, I shouldn't care too much now.
Plus, I know that anything too important that happens on Facebook warrents a call from my bestie Melissa, and she'll keep me informed.
And you wouldn't believe how many more dishes get done around here. And how many more yarn projects get done. That's super exciting to me. I'll have to share all the Christmas goodness that flew off the needles and hooks another time... especially since some aren't ahem, done, yet. But this one came in my inbox today and I have to share it- My niece Ella in my go-to awesome kids hat pattern (I've made 11 now).
She's calling it her Rapunzel hat... LOVE!


Laura said...

Way to go Cara!

Dawn said...

I too noticed the facebook time suck recently and decided to Hide posts by many acquaintances whom I haven't seen in person for years. I always felt compelled to read through my entire News feed back until where I had left off the last time, so while I still have that compulsion, my list is much shorter! (And - of course, you're still in my reading list. :)