Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm no good at making resolutions. It's like I'm setting myself up for failure when I don't complete them or stick with them. But I do like to make lists and my "beginning of the year" list included a LOT of things. One thing was to blog more and continue to stay away from a whole lot of Facebook. One week in I've succeeded. Here's a blog-

I wanted to talk a bit about the kids because approximately a million times a day I try to commit to memory something hilarious that Max has said or a wonderful noise or face that Penny makes.
I'm not very good at that.

Here are some recent things I've said that I never would have imagined saying:
Please don't use your spoon as a tail-
No you may not have poop candy out of the bucket until you poop in the potty.
Mommy's glad it's a school day too, son, but your teachers aren't there yet.
Max was helping Penny in the bath...
Max is just hilarious! Today while getting our hair cut (and I got my first color to color gray- not just for the fun of coloring! EEP!) He turned around while getting his hair cut and laughed and pointed and told me I looked funny... (I had the dye in my hair) Thanks kid.

One of his favorite things is to have a dance party. We turn up the music station on the tv or the radio and dance our little hearts out. It often turns bad days right around and Penny thinks it's the funniest things she's ever seen (it probably is pretty funny)

He adores social activities- every morning without fail he'll check with me and see if it's a school day, or MOPS day, or if someone is coming over to play.

He also remembers everything. We have to be careful about what we tell him because he WILL remember. And will tell other people. :) Today he recounted accurately something someone told me in front of him weeks ago that hasn't been mentioned since.

Penny is growing way too fast- she's officially sitting up on her own (not for ever, but she can for a while) and she's now taking tastes of anything she can get her hands on (with Max I remember being very diligent and cautious about foods.... Penny is eating doughnuts but hasn't even had anything green yet.... oops). She has a very friendly personality and loves to watch people. She's not overly loud or expressive, but will smile at anyone who pays attention to her. She's also more cuddly than Max ever was.
 In Mama's Christmas dress circa 1982
Sweet girl- Just today
It's so fun to already see the two kids build a relationship together. They already love each other. Max will climb into Penny's crib to cuddle with her (with us around, not just any time) and Penny thinks Max is the best entertainment ever. It really makes my heart full.

Adam is doing well and fighting a cold we've all been passing around. I realize I don't talk about him at all on here. He's awesome and loves his kids and does awesome work with our church and blah blah blah, He's awesome. We just started watching the seasons of Madmen and I'm super hooked already and so is he.

I've been tossing around the idea of opening an Etsy shop to sell the things I make and think that I should have something to offer by March if things continue as they are. I'm pretty excited about it and have been getting a number of requests lately for things, so I'm getting an idea of what would be feasible for me to sell and what would be practical for me to make.
my new hair color
Visiting with Grammy and Pop Pop


Amber said...

Love the Max-isms. Love the hair color. LOVE the idea of an etsy shop. Love the Kipp family :)

Laura said...

Oh my, your kids are just too cute! I'm emailing you some things for Etsy...