Monday, March 28, 2011

Just a quick Hello

It's one of those days that will probably be one of those weeks... You know the kind, where it takes 25x longer to do ANYTHING than it should. Where you pick up something and put it away to find 5 more things where they shouldn't be. You get to the post office and realize that the address you need is at home.... That kind of week.
But that's ok. God is working in the lives of people around me, and I see His will being done, and I can feel His grace and hand upon my life. So I'll take this week and know that He has ordained it and will use it to His glory, because it's definitely not being used towards my own.

 My big boy wanted to be carried around (a little sibling jealousy has been going on) and when he climbed in the wrap, he hugged me and told me to never let him down. Makes my heart melt.
Baby Blue Eyes blowing a kiss trying on a Mama-made dress.

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Laura said...

Oh Max! That is too sweet :)

Penny is big, oh my! Wanna see the whole dress you made...the top is cute!