Thursday, March 17, 2011

::Right Now::

I love a little boy who dresses himself...

and dresses himself

I love a little girl who is getting so big! (9 months!)

We love the park

I'm reading books about farming. I'm so not a farmer, but I like the idea of farming.

I'm totally proud that I have little sproutings of green peppers, jalapenos, and yesterday we started tomatoes, basil, and cilantro.

I'm sad I kills some tulips before I could get them in the ground.

I'm excited I actually got my magazine pile down to 5 (it was about three feet tall all together)

I'm loving having the windows open, time to play outside and when family comes to visit.

It's very quiet in the house while the kids nap and I'm listening to jazz music.

I'm excited for MOPS tomorrow. I love MOPS.

I'm still thinking about all the fun I had last weekend at the Hearts @ Home conference.

I love these rainbow cupcakes I made for Max's preschool class today in honor of St. Patrick's Day (these were the last of the batter that Adam and I got to "taste test"

Loving all the babies that have been born this week.

Love that I have a girl who's as interested in yarn as her Mama

Here's my photo of the kids from the 13th


The Kipps said...

We love your blag and the pictures.

Love Pop Pop and Grammy

Melissa said...

You are awesome sis. The kids are fantastic. I love you all. And your yarn. But only after you make pretty's out of it, certainly not before that point.

Anonymous said...

OK_Pop pop shared but needed to add a little more energy!!!we so treasure our family and can never get enough of the pictures and goings ons of your fun filled world!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!- for taking the time/energy to let us enjoy from afar!! LOTS OF lOVE AND hUGS!!GRAMMY