Saturday, September 1, 2007


Fall has hit around here. At least inside my house. How do we know it's autumn in the Kipp household?

That's right the tv's only channels seem to be ABC and ESPN and Saturdays are spent wearing red, or at the very least gray. And yes, gray is spelled with an a not with an e.
(By the way, Adam had to settle for the VT and ECU game, watching it on mute while he listened to the student broadcast of the OSU vs. Youngstown State game online.)
So what do I do on Saturdays while I'm staring at this scene:

I bake:

Here are some cookies that Adam had been harassing me to make for quite a few weeks now. How convenient they are Buckeye Cookies of our own invention being chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. Just the right combination of tastes for the first college football Saturday of the year.

The Baking Mishap
I must feel like it's autumn because I also had the urge to make up an apple upside down cake this week too. We had Hans and Court over for dinner to watch their alma mater LSU play on Thursday night to kick off college football season. Bad things sometimes happen when I say, "Oh, I'll just make it up." I should have known.
The cake turned out beautifully

Until we cut to the middle of it...

And this is why I should always use a recipe at least the first time I try to make something new.
It did taste delicious though. Well, the done part did anyway.


Laura said...

That apple cake looks yummy :)
The same thing happened to me on Thanksgiving a few years ago...I made corn cassarole for the first time but doubled the recipe. It looked done until we cut it and it was soup in the middle. I'm in the mood for apple pie!

Anonymous said...

Cara, I know if you make it again it will come out really good =) I want some apple pie!