Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My biggest excuse is....

because I feel crummy I can watch all the TV I want.

So here's my favorite shows for the season (yes I know only part of them have started).

America's Next Top Model

This is a new show for me. I caught a whole season being replayed on MTV one day and things haven't been the same since.
My favorites for Cycle 9: Janet, Heather, Jenah.


Second season better than the first? I think so.

Beauty and the Geek

Ashton Kutcher's social experiment. I LOVE IT! This season features two geeks and one beauty from Ohio. In fact one geek is an OSU Engineering student. This makes me chuckle to no end because he looks and behaves like some of Adam's friend and colleagues from college. Hahahahahohohohoho (even a little snort in there just because it's so funny).

The surprise winner for good pilot of the season:

I wasn't even going to watch it, but some deep, dark part of me loves everything Kevin Smith does. "A schooner is a sailboat."

Still to come:
The Office on Thursday. Can't wait!

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Bebemiqui said...

I'm interested in "Reaper", but it conflicts with "House" so I've had to ignore it! "Heroes" is so fun.