Thursday, November 8, 2007

Adam's Birthday Bonanza and Baby Kipp Update

Birthday Bonanza
So while I was on the fictional brink of death this past week, Adam's birthday came and went without much more than a, "Happy Birthday" from his wife. Luckily, Adam's good friend Bill came to the rescue to take him out to breakfast while I was the Princess of Porcelain and Mucus. But today we finally got to celebrate "his" day. We went to Chip's Hamburgers for lunch.
Then we went to Sprinkles, a gourmet cupcake bakery that has the most delicious cupcakes ever. Really. Ever. That's all they make are posh, delicious cupcakes.

The Red Velvet cupcake was so rich that I could only have a bite of it when we got home from the store. But don't worry, I ate a whole Pumpkin one later that night and it was so good I didn't even mind when it all came back up later. (I guess I'm not quite ready for that much sweet stuff yet.)

Baby Kipp Update
We had another doctor's appointment yesterday and got new pictures of the baby! I really love that our doctor does a sonogram every visit. Especially right now when I still can't feel the baby move or even really know it's there. But even though I wasn't eating much the baby looks like it has had more than its fill.

Look at that belly! The head is there on the right and the little legs are sticking straight up in the air. You might also be able to see the little back arm up by the face.
The doctor does a video on VHS for us when we go and she forgot to put the tape in so we got a double long sono and while the tape was in Baby decided to show off, sucking its thumb and then getting the hiccups. It's super cute, if I do say so myself.

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