Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Typical Day at the Office

We try to entertain ourselves around here at the office, so I was super excited when our new camera came in the mail and I got to bring it to work today to learn how to use it.

So this picture represents that they stole all the trashcans from the immediate area around my desk (there used to be three within trash tossing distance) and so things accumulate until I have to get up to go somewhere like the fax or the bathroom. I think someone has it out for me.
This is Eleamar. I know she looks like she's working, but she's actually using my color pens to update her Christmas list.
The pictures are dark, not because of the new camera, but I decided not to use flash. The flash tends to cause 50 people look my way all at once, scowling because they are having to work and I'm not.

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