Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall 2009 Toddler Fashion Report

I'm here to report the hottest in toddler fashion for the chilly autumn weather. Max has been quite opinionated about the clothes he wears lately. He especially loves his choo-choo pjs. They're his favorite. But here are some of the other fashions for the toddler on the go.

Flip flops with everyday wear is perfectly acceptable. Especially if the flip flop is Mama's.

Here Max is sporting his puppy back pack with his music player in the pocket for easy transport. Why carry it when your puppy can? Don't forget to unsnap your onsie and wear it outside your pants. That's very gangster, and it's totally in right now.

Pants- shmants! Who needs them. Not this busy toddler. Just put socks on so your feet don't get cold.

Here's the favorite around here. Need your neck hole to be a little bigger? Pull your arm out and through it. It'll strectch it out in no time. (Max does this with every shirt he can.) The off the shoulder look is totally in right now too. Don't forget to carefully mess your hair up for that no fuss look.

But the all time favorite toddler look is still and may always be the naked look. Bathtime just can't be any more fun than this!

(Also pictured is cousin Tyler who came to visit)

Just some other updates....

I have absolutely no projects to report on. I haven't done a single thing by way of crafting lately. No sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, nothing. I didn't even get Adam's birthday present finished. There's been a whole lot of good old fashioned playing going on around here.

Adam's mom started chemo last week for the breast cancer she's been battling. Keep her (and Adam's dad) in your prayers.

We will be in Ohio the weekend of Thanksgiving. Reserve your Max cuddles now....

We started the transition to Christmas around here yesterday by moving around some furntiture and speculating where things will go. Since it's our first Christmas in the house, it's taking some planning and thinking out loud.

Max had his 18month check up yesterday and is doing wonderfully. He's in the 75% for just about everything and is doing great with his gross and fine motor skills and speech. He weighed 28 lbs 3 oz and is 33.5 inches tall.


Amber said...

Thanks for the fashion update, Max. I will be sure and pass it all along to Ben.
It is so good to hear from you via blogging.
Love you and miss you friend!

The Kipps said...

Yeaaaaaa, pictures of Max, can't get enough. I am glad you are enjoying staying home with Max.

Love, Grammy and Poppy

Laura said...

Max is so trendy! I'll have Ella read this so she can see what other toddlers are wearing this fall :)