Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween and Busy Busy Busy

We're always busy right? I feel like everything has been amplified lately. The busy-ness has been going on and on for weeks now.

I don't have much to show you by way of crafts. I did make Max's overalls for Halloween and I have an uncompleted birthday present for Adam I'm still working on. Oh and I haven't yet started Christmas. Guess I may not get everything done this year again. But I'll try my hardest.

We had a great Halloween. We trick or treated with Max's best buddy Landon. Max was Dennis the Menace and Landon was a cowboy. Max got the hang of trick or treating, but seemed to think that he should go into everyone's house once they offered him candy. I guess we'll have to have the "Stranger Danger" talk someday.

On Monday Adam and I raked and bagged leaves for 8 hours and it's still not done. As I type, there are still piles in the front yard. Maybe they'll just all blow away if we leave them long enough.

Just a picture of Max and Mommy today playing.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!! He is a natural!!!! All that good energy in one little package!! Grammy