Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's really just Tuesday.... really really

What seemed like the calm after the storm has continued to be bumpy, but in a good way. Just a rhythmic rocking that keeps us moving. We've had just enough down time to keep us from going crazy, but the next few weeks just keep getting more and more things added in.

I'm in love with my physical therapists, they are working wonders on my hips and back - I can't say I'm pain free, but they say that won't happen until after Baby Girl is here. But I'm sure by then there will be other pains to worry about anyway. Also the cute little thing to stare at that makes you forget all that.

Yesterday at my doctor's appointment BG was measuring 3-4 weeks ahead instead of 2 so they are even more curious as to why. My ultrasound is scheduled for Monday the 26th. So instead of being 30 weeks I am measuring between 33 and 34.
here's 30 weeks for you

She still doesn't have a name, I'm just resigned that it'll be like Max, we'll have some ideas but then she'll make it painfully obvious when we see her.

Our upstairs was in some sort of typical chaotic order until Adam decided to start "organizing" the books and stopped midway through a section. Now we are back to mass chaos. I think Max and I will spend some time up there this afternoon, but I really wanted to spend it on my sewing machine, not putting books in color order.

Max has been a "wild man" these past few days. We've just been running him outside and hoping for the best when it comes to naptime. Today I got almost two hours out of him for nap so that's a keeper. The other day he wanted to share his stickers with the baby and insisted on putting them on my bare belly. He has to lift up my shirts to talk to the baby a million times a day. She apparently can't hear him unless he is poking my belly button.
He made Adam lay down like that and wouldn't let him get up. Waving and saying "hi Mommy"

Max has really gotten into gardening with me. We spent a few hours on Saturday as a family working in the yard and by the end of Monday we had split the first of our hostas, mowed, dug up some sod, planted zinnias, sunflowers, poppies, and I still have some daisies to get out. I'm looking forward to the radishes and lettuce I've planted as it seems to be doing well. I've thinned them out and are waiting for them to really take off.
 our tulips are blooming (these are in the middle of the front yard, I made Adam mow around them)

our Magnolia tree on it's descent. it's awfully beautiful and messy

I've been making a slew of baby items with no end in sight. There are so many sweet patterns for girls and so many other babies are getting ready to pop out tummies in the near future. Not pictured is a hat requested by Max to give to his little best friend Landon for his birthday.
 A set of baby legs (leg warmers)

a new baby hat to be mailed to Dallas

a wool soaker in progress

 beautiful yarn I got in the mail from Laura who hand spun and dyed this just for BG


Anonymous said...

Lots of fun things going on at your house!!!Wondeful projects with great results!! How sweet that Max wants to share with his baby sister!!We are praying healthy and well!!! Grammy

Laura said...

Wish we lived closer...Ella and I want to work in the garden with you and Max!