Thursday, April 8, 2010

Most Pictures in a Blog EVER :)

I wonder if I'll get weird hits off google for that one...

I wanted to share one of my favorite and least favorite times of day with you. It's called breakfast. Sometimes it's dry cereal, sometimes it's eggs, today it was toast with butter, multigrain toast with butter. One of my favorites.
(Don't worry, there was coffee too. And I was thrilled I remembered to take my vitamins today!)
I do not like to be up in the morning, but mornings like this one I can appreciate the quiet and the "alone" time Max and I each spend. He watches a couple shows on the Disney channel and I sit and check my email, stare into space, doze back to sleep, knit, or, this morning, blog. We each have a little zone we stay into until somewhere between 8 and 9 when finally we start our day.

We've had such a busy busy week. I'll just let the pictures do the talking, with a little help from some captions. Sorry these are not in chronological order, but at least they are grouped by subject.

(an almost finished baby leg warmer)

(the beginnings of a baby hat for an expected new miracle)

 (another new baby blankie that will not be staying at our house)

 (new carpet in the upstairs rooms, makes the house feel finished. Lots of moving going on yesterday and hopefully finished today and unpacking finished tomorrow)

(our tulip tree- is that what it's really called, that's what I've had a few people call it to me, but I'm not sure that's the name)

Also growing is baby girl- so much in fact she's been pinching my sciatic nerve and causing a whole slew of problems with my back (although that may also have something to do with the 30-35lb toddler I carry around too). I have started physical therapy that's a combo of stretching, exercises, and deep tissue therapy that's truly amazing. I picked up Max yesterday without pain for the first time in 10-12 weeks. Next doctor's appointment for baby girl is Monday. 

(it was a beautiful day to celebrate the resurrection!)

(I can't believe this is the only picture I got of my mom who came to visit, at least it's a cute one. :) )


 (this last one is my favorite. for two days this is all he wanted to do, and then of course he would be stuck and get so upset. i think he finally learned his lesson.)


Laura said...

Almost all of those pictures have a common theme...Max running around like a crazy guy. It made me appreciate the morning quiet time for you :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the quiet, the activity, the treasures of the day!!! So many blessings!! Thrilled you were able to get some relief with your physical therapy!!Lots of love and hugs!! Grammy

Sarah said...

Your tulip tree looks like it is actually a magnolia. I didn't learn that until moving to Ohio since everyone I know in Washington calls them tulip trees. :)

Btw, I'm Dave and Marsha M's daughter. It's nice to have another glimpse into current life in my hometown and the church, and I think you're an interesting blogger to read. Just in case you were wondering who this random person commenting on your blog is. :)