Friday, April 23, 2010

Some of my favorite things....

We spent time at the park for Secretary's Day with one of our favorite people. Miss Katherine. She's one of Max's absolute favorites, he asks for her a thousand times a day.
These are some of my favorite pictures I've taken lately.

Here is a long list of projects I've completed while spending a little more time on the couch. I'm getting a little bit slower and a little bit wiser in how I do spend my active time. Lots of walking outside, multitasking, and finishing up things before I get too slow/tired/huge to do what needs done.
Some of my favorite things to make

Yesterday Max and I got the last of the absolute essentials we need for the baby. Diapers, sheets for the pack n play, etc. Max has decided to start becoming assertive in talking to strangers (really only people who work in stores, so I don't mind too much). At Target we were checking out and the cashier said Thank you and I responded with the same and Max politely called out "Welcome!" as we walked away. Everyone started laughing; the cashier, me, the lady in line behind us, and of course Max too. He did his overly dramatic fake laugh that ended with an "Oh My!" and a knee slap. He's definitely one of my favorite things.


Amber said...

He does a knee slap? Oh please try to get that on camera. Hilarious.

Laura said...

Love it!