Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finished Projects and Man I love this kid

Nana was here to help a couple of days and man does Max have fun with her.
Nana brought Max a slip and slide and they all three had so much fun. :)

I love how I found Max lounging last evening before bedtime.

Here are some projects that have been finished lately. It seems the only thing I can focus on for longer than 5 seconds is yarn.
Newborn/preemie hat (it's actually green, man the lighting was bad)

Newborn kimono and hat

Newborn hat with a touch of lace (still unblocked, hoping the lace is prettier when it's been rinsed)


Laura said...

Love that kimono...I wonder if they have that pattern for adults?

Amber said...

Totally in love with the kimono and hat. If this one happens to be a girl (mine, not yours), consider this an order put in!