Thursday, June 3, 2010

You Capture- Your best shot.

Eeks its been a while (over a week!) since I've posted last. We've been busy. Aren't we always? Busy with friends, with more visitors, with pre-labor contractions, with doctor's visits, visiting friends in the hospital, and praising God for His provision and perfect timing. He is absolutely perfect all the time.

It's like He knows that I'll go absolutely crazy sitting on my couch just waiting for this baby to come so He's sent all these distractions (some good and some bad) to keep my mind focused on the most important things in life. Treating one another with the love that only He can provide. How can you not praise him when you see the daily progression of a tiny premature infant not only surviving but beginning to thrive on it's own, getting to help and bond with a neighbor, showing grace and forgiveness to your toddler, sharing a meal alone with your spouse and laughing with one another, and dishing out love to friends who are hurting?

So the best shot on my camera for this week is the challenge. I don't particularly have any "great" shots, but there are a few I love. Choosing one is hard and I'm especially torn between two. But sentimentality wins out and here's my "best" shot for the week.

A Grammy and her only grandson, with a cuddle on the front porch.
Oh and a stick in the boy's hand. Right now there's always a stick.



Laura said...


Colleen said...

Such a sweet shot.

Life with Kaishon said...

OK! This is my favorite so far. I just totally dig Grammy's! I mean, they are like the most fabulous people on earth. Full of hugs and loves and lots of happiness. Perfect shot : )

The Kipps said...

I have to admit I am partial to that picture. Can I get a few more pictures of Max? I didn't get to spend a week with ou all.

Love Pop Pop