Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Still here...

We're still hanging around. I feel like I say that a thousand-million times a day now. Yup still here, still nothing, she's still wanting to hang out inside... I lost track of the phone calls/texts/emails/fb checks I got today of people "just checking."

Here's some peeks at her room to keep you all entertained while you are waiting for an update on her arrival. I had to do something while I was waiting today...

Ms. Monkey is patiently waiting too.

Monkey picked out by Max, a finished Mama made blankie, PBK bedding, and Cinderella doll designed by Darby's sister Kat. All very important things to me.

Hand knits (and crochets) all waiting patiently too

A little boy who's almost as impatient as his Mama (Papa is the only who's being truly patient)

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