Friday, August 13, 2010


Adam and I had a great getaway to the city. The life of a pastor makes things so funny sometimes. We vacation during the week. It was convenient this time and worked to my advantage because Adam got me tickets to the White Sox game for the Stitch n Pitch. I was super excited, and the only thing that would have made it more fun would have been to have some friends with me... Note to self, meet more knitting friends.

We stayed at the Whitehall Hotel just a block off Michigan Ave and it was great for an old historical hotel. It is just between the Westin and the Four Seasons. The staff was great and the bed was soooo comfy, too bad my internal mother clock still woke me up at 7am. At least that left me more time for shopping.

We hit up Loopy Yarns, a local yarn store (obviously) I've wanted to go to and tried to go to another that was closed even though the hours sign said it should be open. Oh well their loss, I was a customer willing to shell out enormous amounts of money on fibre and therefore spent all of it at Loopy. They were absolutely wonderful there. I will be back.... when I reduce my stash.

There was also a stop at IKEA. I think I may have left some of the store there for someone else... but only a few things.

We ate great food, had a great time being Adam and Cara instead of Mama and Daddy and the kids and Grammy and Nana seemed to survive just fine too.

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Laura said...

That looked so fun! Great pictures :)