Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our trip to the farm....

Today we visited the Fon du Lac Farm Park with some friends and had a wonderful time with the animals.
Oh, and the tractor, we also saw two excavators on the way, it's been Max's best day ever. I had a bad Mommy moment while we were there, I was too busy taking pictures and Max got a little overzealous with the pig, Mary Lou. She was hungry and his hand got in the way. I don't think he got bit, I think she just put his hand in her mouth and it scared him, you can see the picture in the slide show.

Here is a slide show of the day because there were too many good pictures! Max topped off the day with a three hour nap.
We had so much fun, I'm sad we just found out about this park and it closes next week for the winter. I know where we'll be next May.

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