Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eleven weeks

Penny has been fussy for a couple of days and Max has been testing our patience and grace. All I can think of is that we had too much fun over the weekend and are now paying for it. I'm typing this standing at the kitchen counter because every time I sit down with Penny she starts wailing. I guess she's been saving it up for 11 weeks. :)
Also, I can't believe my baby is almost three months old.... where has the time gone?
I made homemade applesauce yesterday and gave Penny a taste. She loved it and then I felt guilty for feeding it to her.
This week starts MOPS- on Friday we'll see how many ladies will show up. I'm hoping for 10 that would be my ideal number. Not too many but enough to be fun.
Next week we'll be traveling to Ohio for "vacation" to see family and friends. Especially excited to see my nieces and nephews!


Kara said...

We can not wait to see you all!!!! Soooo excited!

Laura said...

Wow! Almost 3 months already? Love Max nibbling her fingers. Can't wait to hear how your MOPS goes!