Friday, October 19, 2007

The Announcement....

Here's what's been secretive and taking over huge portions of our lives lately-

That's right.... we'll be expecting a baby in May.
We are so excited (and don't get me wrong, totally nervous) about being responsible for a human being. But hey, we normally take care of ourselves and everthing so this shouldn't be too hard. (I'm totally just kidding, I've been around babies and children my whole life. We do know what we're getting ourselves into and the chaos that will be our lives for more than 20 years)

For those of you who are looking at your calendars- this would be the same week that Adam graduates from DTS, so plan on coming for that and also possibly seeing our new addition.

Man so now that the cat's out of the bag, so to speak, I have some hilarious pregnancy stories to tell already.... But those will have to wait for a new day.


Heidi Fox said...

Cara and Adam,

Wow!! I am so excited about this new member to the family. Baby Kipp will be special to me especially since he or she will be my first great niece or nephew and also because this is the first baby I have seen born into this family. Hopefully, Robert and I won't be far behind. Our kids can play and grow up together. I mentioned to your mom at the wedding that grandchildren weren't too far away now that her children were both married. She said, not for many years!! Little did she know...

Also, from checking out all your different blogs, Cara, I feel like I know you so much better now. We have many of the same interests: children, crafts, reading. I might not take crafts or reading to the extreme you do(not a bad thing:), but I enjoy doing both. It will be great when you move back closer to know we have much in common besides Robert!!

Love, Heidi

Darby said...

CONGRATULATIONS! We're overjoyed!

Laura said...

Aunt Laura, Uncle Ryan and cousin Ella are Super excited!!!