Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend in Ohio

The Wedding
Jessica's wedding was more beautiful than I could have imagined. I took lots of pictures, but these three are my favorites.

Jess, the beautiful bride, and the fall foliage.

Aunt Jessie is super excited about Baby Kipp.

Andi told Dustin to "look GQ" and this is what he gave us. I think he's handsome.

Busy Saturday
I didn't take pictures, but it was one busy day! I went shopping with Barb, Momma Music, Andi, and Preggers Erin. We went shopping for the "new mommies" and spent a few hours in Jeffersonville making fun of each other in maternity clothes. It was such a good time, it makes me sad now because I wish I could do that all the time.
We then popped by the Douridas Pig Roast for a while and caught up with the church crowd. We then stopped by the Music's to watch the first half of the game and then left at half time to go back to the Kipp's house for me to go to sleep. But before I could go to bed, I had to have Johnson's Pumpkin Ice Cream.... the best ice cream in the whole wide world.

Busier Sunday
After church on Sunday Mom and I met up with Nick to have lunch at the Buckeye Hall of Fame. I had the best Reuben I've ever tasted and the view was all Ohio State as well.
This is the best billboard I've ever seen.
Nick and I then went to Mom's dance lesson she takes with her friends (since it is in Grandview, Nick and I snuck out for a bit to go to Stauf's- Yum!). Then we picked up some of my cute little cousins to take them to meet Mom's new horse, Rocky.

Mom and Rocky, my fifth brother.

Amber showing off her tonsils.

Trever turned three a few weeks ago!

Cailynn's going to start learning how to ride horses soon.

My Favorite Part
The underlying best part of my whole trip was that it was truly autumn while I was there. I wore sweaters and real shoes and felt a nip in the air. Hot tea was great while it was still hot, and the leaves were a myriad of wonderful colors. My cousin Jacob found a few beautiful leaves and some wonderful acorns for me to take home with me, if I could have fit this tree in one of my suitcases, I would have brought it home too.

Baby Kipp is already popular (like we knew he/she would be)
Everyone was so sweet to me about my "condition" while I was home. I should have made a short informational pamphlet to pass around so I could have saved myself from sounding like a broken record, but I enjoyed answering all the great questions and kept trying to think of a different was to say we are absolutely thrilled to be parents soon. The best reaction was John Harmony's (who was our youth pastor in high school and performed our marriage many moons ago). He said first- "Is it Adam's?" When I laughingly replied that I hoped so he said, "Did you think this through?" Oh, John, you crack me up!
Baby Kipp even got some presents while we were in Ohio (and even more were waiting for us when we got home). Baby got some Ohio State gear from Aunt Kara and Uncle Nicky (which I don't have a picture of yet), and Aunt Andi made the baby some really sweet onesies as well (she was still working on one so I'll share that one once I receive it)

At some point Adam decided he wanted to name our kid "The" so that his name could be The Kipp and Andi made a shirt in homage to that long lived dream of his. I especially laughed at the PK one (slang/term used by Christians to denote Pastors' Kids [there is also the term MK for Missionaries' Kids])

When I got home last night this package was waiting for me from Aunt Glenna. It was the perfect gift for us bookwormie parents. Baby Kipp's first book and the cutest book ends I've ever seen (I love the turtle).
So until the thank you notes get in the mail. Thank you to everyone who helped me, hung out with me, and was super sweet to me this weekend. I had a great time "home."

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Laura said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great time! The wedding looks so pretty against the fall color.