Friday, October 5, 2007

Lots of things....

There are a lot of things going on right now, but many of them I'm not ready to put out into the blogsphere/internet just yet. A lot of surprises would be ruined if I did. But a lot of decisions are being made and plans are being checked on, but in reality they are all so consuming I can't think of anything to write about, but then I had this conversation with Adam.

Me (thinking that today is Oct 6): Happy one day past our 8 year dating anniversary.
Adam (realizing that today is really Oct 5): Happy dating anniversary today honey.
Me (Thinking: Oh crap, now I seem like I don't know what day we started dating): Isn't today the 6th?
Adam: Nope it's the 5th.
Me: Oh good.

All this to say that a really long time ago, Adam was driving me down Main Street in Reynoldsburg. You see I couldn't drive. I had my license suspended (oops, speeding and an at fault accident in the same week....) But we were on a mission to find something really important.... A coloring book. Adam's always been good at humoring me. But we couldn't find one in any of the drug stores or grocery stores. So as Adam was driving us out to his parents house, it's quiet in the car, and he awkwardly asked me if I was his girlfriend. The rest is history.
Main Street doesn't look the same, and gosh, Adam and I don't look the same (although surprisingly similar) but what started then, continues today. And yep it's really been eight-whole-years. Whew, it's been a wild ride.
I love you honey. Happy Dating Anniversary Today.

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