Monday, October 22, 2007


It seems so backwards to me so many people wait until the second trimester to tell "everyone" they are pregnant. Because (this is all without having anything to compare it to mind you) it always seems that the most understanding and support is needed in those first 12weeks that it just doesn't make sense to me. I've needed a (huge) extra amount of understanding these past 6 weeks that we've known I was pregnant and the whole thing hit me full force. I pretty much started feeling sick before the little line even turned blue. And the sleeping! Ah, the sleeping. I sleep more than I am awake by a pretty large margin these days.
But now that I'm working on my 11th week and climbing out of the mire of "all day sickness," and complete and utter exhaustion I'm wondering why we waited so long to "tell everyone." (I put this in quotes because I ended up blurting to a whole slew of people, for different reasons, and among those people quite a few more found out too.) I could have really used those extra prayers while praying myself that my food would just stay down and that I could get out of bed and spend half the day at work.
So I'm looking forward to the time up ahead. The times when I feel good and healthy and awake. Where I can return to "normal" activities like crafts (especially crocheting) and feel like a productive member of society again. Hopefully that time will be here swiftly.

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