Saturday, May 17, 2008

All in a few days time

We are having a wonderful time with our new little one. We have had so many visitors in the hospital and at home. So many wonderful things have been sent in the mail and shown up on our doorstep. It all makes me a little weepy. Thanks so much.

We've been having a period of adjustment to each other, but I just love staring at his cute little face all day.
Our friends Lenny and Stephanie had their little one, Rylee, the same day Max was born so we were all in the hospital together, confusing the nurses with all our visitors (they would visit one room and then the other).
Since I was stuck in bed for the first 24-36 hours Rylee Grace got to visit me. I must say, she was definitely the cutest visitor we had.
Rylee weighed 6 and a half pounds and made Max look like a grown baby.
Dr. Monti and her happy customers.
I love baby feet! Max has monkey toes that he loves to wrap around your finger.
Couldn't you stare at him all day too?

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Kara said...

Tell him that he has an uncle and aunt in Ohio that are totaly in love with him! He is so cute. Keep the pictures coming!