Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nope no baby

But we are excited to announce that we will be moving to Washington, Illinois in June. Adam will be taking the pastorate at Grace Bible Church and we will be serving there. We are so excited to minister to the people of this church and the surrounding community.
Now all we have to get through is Graduation this weekend (for anyone that didn't hear, we are having a party at our apartment for Adam Saturday afternoon, show up if you can) and the baby at any time he deems fit. Who knows when that will be though.

Adam's parents get in tomorrow and are going to the doctor with me. I'm wondering how persuasive they can be on convincing the doctor to get this show on the road so they can see their grandson.
Welcome to Washington sign with Grace Bible in the background.
Our child may be born a Texan but he'll soon be a Washington Panther. (So sweet gifts from some of the members of GBC).


Heidi said...

We are looking forward to having all of you join us in Washington. We'll be praying for a safe arrival of little Mr. Kipp very soon!
--Dave and Heidi

Brian, Mary Beth, and Heidi Pederson said...

Congratulations! We are SO excited (for you and for us!) that the Lord is sending you to serve with us at Grace Bible Church. We loved meeting and visiting with Adam last weekend – hope we didn’t wear him out too badly! It will be fun to get to meet you soon. We’ll continue to pray you through your crazy weekend and be anxious to hear from you when that precious bundle arrives!

Chuck & Glo Nofsinger said...

Way to go Cara! Congratulations to
both of you. That's a big boy.
We are very happy about the birth
of your son. We are also grateful
that you are coming to Washington
IL. Your web picturers assure me
that you will fit into the fun side
of Grace Bible. We will be praying
for the 3 of you.