Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just showing our little Texan has some Ohio pride.
We went to visit our pediactrician yesterday and he said Max was perfect! We thought so all along but it's great to hear someone else say it!
We had a busy day yesterday- we went to the doctor, out to Target with Nana and then out to dinner at Applebee's to wish Nana farewell. She left last night to head home.
Our first night alone was pretty uneventful (luckily!). Max even slept 5 hours straight! We do not take this for granted at all. Today I'm laying low as yesterday's activity did me in- I'm really sore today.
We're going to take Daddy lunch at work and my Darby friend is coming over to have lunch with us and a nice hangout.
We did not get the house we were hoping to. The sellers were not flexible at all and with today's housing market we could not figure it out. But we are sound and secure in our decision to not continue negotiations with them. But that also means we are back to square one. We're ok with that though.


Laura said...

What a cute picture...he already looks older!

Aunt Kara said...

So cute! I love how he holds his arms up like an angel! I love his blond hair too! :)

Mark said...

Do we have any baby pictures to see if he takes after anyone? So you think he will play for Ohio State or Texas or Illinois?

Cara Kipp said...

We don't have any baby pics yet to put up. But he looks like his Uncle Nick- but with Adam's nose.

And of course he'll play for Ohio State. Where else would he go?