Monday, July 21, 2008

A lot of blog catching up to do...

This time last year I was getting ready for my Harry Potter themed birthday party. Can you believe it?

In the past week I've done a lot of things I never thought I would see myself do.... Here's my top three.

Walk next door to church.... Living in the parsonage has it's perks and that is one of them. I get to leave 5 minutes before Sunday school starts and still have time to chat it up in the entryway.

Clean freshly dug up carrots while watching squirrels play in the tree. Yup I can't say I thought I would ever do that.... But look how good they look! They smelled so great, the carrots and the dirt, then when the carrots were clean they still smelled so fresh I had to eat one (and also wake up Adam with a carrot in my mouth saying, "What's up doc?") Tonight we are having a roast (compliments of one of the church members that split a cow with some family member and brought us quite a bit of beef for our freezer) with potatoes and FRESH carrots. I can't wait.

Go to a Civil War festival. Being Lincoln's birthday and all, the town of Washington had a celebration on the Town Square where they had Civil War actors put on a little day show. There was an amputation demonstration (which we sadly missed) and Civil War dancing (which we gladly saw) and Lemonade with Lincoln (Adam was really sad we didn't go to that one).

More importantly

Heidi and Mary Beth headed up throwing a shower for Max at the church yesteday and it was so much fun. I love when people are good with themes and they certainly were! There were stars and rocketships everywhere. I was a little overwhelmed by the end at all the generosity and people there, but I loved it.

Most importantly

Adam has now preached two Sundays and I think it's been great so far (I am partial though). One of the teenagers in the audience yesterday must of thought differently because he was asleep during the sermon. Hilarious! I remember being a teenager and it being so hard to sit and listen to anyone for a certain length of time. But come on! Adam's funny and smart! Listen up kid!

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Laura said...

What a great family photo!
Were those carrots in your garden, or did someone bring them to you?