Monday, July 21, 2008

Two Months of Max (I know a little late)

I can't believe Max has been around for two months, it seems like he's been in our family forever.

He's learning so much everyday. He loves to just watch people and observe what's going on. We are learning a lot together.

He loves to smile and make noises already. He also waits for you to pay attention to him. He also loves the older ladies at church, and they love to give him attention too.

He's also started to imitate things. I always play with him after changing his diaper while he's still laying on the changing table. I make noises at him and faces, most the time he just thinks I'm funny and smiles and talks at me. The other day I kept sticking my tongue out at him and then he would do the same back to me. I thought it was a fluke, but he has done it for several days now. Then last night I was making kissy noises at him and he kept smacking his lips together and then he did it again this morning when I tried it again. He's so smart!

He's starting to enjoy playing with toys (or at least watching them and talking to them). He doesn't have the motor skills yet to grab at things but if you put his little rings in his hands he will try to put them in his mouth (or hit himself in the face at the very least and act surprised).

Last night he slept 6.5 hours, ate, slept 3.5 hours, ate, and then slept 4 more hours. Adam got up the first feeding and fed him a bottle so I got 9 hours of sleep in a row! I was excited and then this morning I woke up on my own and got lots of things done before he finally woke up at 11.

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Laura said...

Wow, he's growing so fast! Maybe you can catch a video of him imitating you? I can't believe how much he sleeps! He is so incredible!