Monday, July 7, 2008


Apology: There are no pictures because I keep forgetting to bring my camera over to the church. Promised picture post to come later.

We found out on Thursday that our stuff would arrive in Illinois on Friday (even though it was a holiday) so we packed up the car and Adam's parent's minivan and trucked it over here early on Friday (for those of you who are trying to plan travel here sometime, it was 6.5 hours from Columbus and there was no traffic, even on the holiday). We were somewhere in Indiana when we got the call that our stuff would be later that afternoon (6-8pm instead of 4pm) and then were here in Washington (Adam and his dad were getting our washer and drier to be exact) when we found out we wouldn't be receiving our stuff until Saturday morning. So we trucked it to the Sleep Inn which Adam has now become a frequenter of and settled in for the night with Monacle's Pizza (YUM!)

Our stuff was here right on time Saturday morning and the movers (and Adam and Dad) got it in off the truck in two hours. A few families showed up to help get as much in order as possible (I still can't believe how much kitchen stuff I own and how I hid it all in that tiny apartment is beyond me) and by the end of Saturday we at least had beds up and a livable amount of stuff unpacked.

Sunday we went to the younger of the two Sunday School Classes and then to service. We enjoyed having a Sunday to take it all in and enjoy a service without the pressure of doing it (well Adam at least. It was really telling on how things run and just how logistically things go around here.

We were invited out to lunch with a couple of the other families and then recouped before Sunday night Bible study which was also nice to observe.

Things are great here. The parsonage (where we are temporarily living) is so convenient and we appreciate all the work the church did to it before we arrived. Our arrival and welcome has exceeded our expectations and prayers for smoothness, so far anyway.

Adam's first official day in the office is tomorrow, but we've been spending all afternoon unpacking the boxes of books in his office and getting those arranged for him.

Max has been doing so well with all the constant change. He sleeps so well but is becoming more and more interested in what's going on around him, that day naps are getting a little harder. But last night even he (and Adam too) slept through major storms that whipped through the area. It was fun for me to get up and watch the lightening, thunder, and rain all on my own though. He also smiles so much now when he's just waken up or just eaten (the happiest times for him). He especially has lots of smiles for his momma. :)


Laura said...

We're so glad you guys made it ok...can't wait to see pics of your new home! Oh, and more pictures of Max, smiling, or sleeping, or playing...any will do!

Mark said...

Let's get this blog updated since you are now officially a pastors wife! Did you know that Max smiles when he is thinking about his Grandpa? It's true