Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm trading it all in for PINK!

Nope nope, we're not having a girl (or any baby for that matter...)

I've been on a little blog hiatus, and for good reason. We've been with family.

A little over a month ago Adam's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and we've been pulling together as a family to support one another and do what needs to be done. Some of it's been easy - lounging on the beach in Florida - And some not so easy - sitting in the waiting room during surgery - but we hope in our small way, it's all been glorifying to God. And I think it has.

She's just begun down a road to recovery, but as I've said a couple of times. I'm proud to call her "mom" and even more proud to say she's a survivor.

So we're trading it in for pink around here. And she's the reason I'm kicking myself in the gym three days a week training for 5ks again. Motivation and inspiration, that's what I was lacking.

I've got a lot of photos and stories to tell. But those will have to come some time soon.


Kara said...

That is very inspiring! I am glad everything went well... still thinking of everyone!

Jason Paragon said...

I'm glad that Barb's on the road to recovery! Glad that God has been able to turn this around for good in your life!!! Love and Hugs to you all!!! Amy