Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I've declared it in my head to be Autumn. I don't know when autumn became my favorite time of the year, but it definitely is. I love the harvest and the smell in the air and wearing an extra layer of clothes. The weather has helped out with that last one, it's been almost chilly around here. This morning when I was up at 6 am (those of you who know me, know that's a feat) it was below 50 here. Our thermometer read 48.5. Brrrrr. This morning we had a breakfast out and also a coffee at our house. The coffee was to kick off the beginning of our ladies' Tuesday Bible study. I've missed those gals all summer! Another sign of Autumn. This afternoon the sun streamed in the windows and the lighting was just so that it reminded me of autumn too. And who could argue with these colors?

I don't know why I like these pictures so much. Maybe it's because the subjects make me so happy. Freshly washed coffee cups of my "graduation" china from Mom, a Pottery Barn table runner I got for a steal a few years ago, and lastly my absolute favorite (I love love love all the colors) an assortment of Stash Tea still hanging around from wonderful Darby who supplies me with my stash of Stash.

I spent some precious time in the craft room with my sewing machine this past weekend while Adam entertained Max. It was a delight. I love just starting out with a piece or two of fabric and coming down the stairs with something finished in hand. In this case I started with three pieced of fabric and came down with two finished things. A plastic bag holder (just a tube with elastic on either end and a loop to hang it with) so that all the loose bags from grocery shopping have a place to go (at least until I can finally crochet myself up some reusable ones). And a skirt that I am awfully proud of even though it's not that great. First of all I did not use a pattern (which I don't think I ever have for a skirt anyway) but this is made out of a linen crinkly fabric. But here's the amazing part, I actually lined it. It was going to be totally see through without the lining so I got the advice of the girl working at Joann's and went with a thin cotton to line it with. It's all black. I haven't even taken a picture of it because it's just a black skirt, but I made it. I miss making things.

The other night, just as I was falling asleep I got an idea for a quilt. I never know if these are original ideas or things I've seen on blogs and they just pop out when I'm almost asleep. But having never quilted I didn't know how logistically it would work for me to make the entire thing. I know I could probably piece the top especially since the whole thing was kinda free formed anyway. And I know that then you have the batting and the backing, then you quilt it and finally you do the binding. I understand the concepts but not the procedures. So I asked a friend (an older friend) today who quilts about actually quilting the thing. She gave me some good options and offered the use of her machine as well (because I don't believe I have a walking foot for my machine). It's just a baby quilt, so we'll see how or even if it comes into existence.

Max has been very interested in my knitting and crocheting lately. In fact he's been stealing my knitting needles and one has been completely hidden somewhere. And I need it to make a hat. I've been looking for it for over a week now, I guess I'll just have to buy new ones. Here he is "helping" me knit on the blanket for the Strong Babies (I keep meaning to ask Kara and Nick what they are calling them...)

Loving that pattern and how I added a color change, except for the fact that with knitting you always leave the colors attached and so I'm working off three balls of yarn all connected to the piece. That and I've never changed colors in knitting, so it's, uh, definitely looking homemade at the moment. It might require a trip to the yarn shop to have one of the professionals help me make it look a little neater.

Lastly, this is at Aunt Laura and Cousin Ella's request. I can't remember the last time I posted video of Max.... it was before our old Canon camera died, that's for sure. Our new Canon doesn't have video on it, so I've been intentionally having another camera out that does to try and capture some video of Max. We've got some dancing, some singing, lots of goofing off and me trying to get him to talk which he does a lot of until I would press the record button of course.


Kara said...

I am so impressed with how smart Maz is... Cara, this is REALLY good! He is so big too! Oh... to answer your question, I guess we are just calling them the babies, or the twins... so cute Maz was helping with their blanket. I got tears in my eyes! Ha! :)

Laura said...

Wow, we Love the video! Max is officially a big boy in my mind now :) Ella is hitting my leg yelling "more, Max" right now...we'll be watching this a few more times today, I think!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great update!! Max is such a big guy!! - So cute!!! I loved the picture/info on your coffee with the ladies!! Fun crafting!! Grammy

Anonymous said...

What a cutey Max is!! He is growing up way too fast. Also, love seeing your house in the background. It looks great!!