Thursday, September 17, 2009

The life of a raspberry....

is not very long around here. We were given a bucket of raspberries (thanks Jim and Sondra!) this morning and Max immediately dug in and then asked for more this afternoon for snack. I did get to sneak some in the freezer before he attacked them.

Tonight we went to Morton's Pumpkin Festival. Yumm yumm. Pumpkin Chili Pork Chop Sandwich and a Pumpkin Sundae in a waffle bowl with caramel and pecans topped with sips of Adam's pumpkin milkshake. The food (and company) couldn't have been any better.

the Budweiser Clydesdales

Max loves Mr. Ron

Carnival Rides

Posing for the camera

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Anonymous said...

So much fun!! Love the yummy rasberry pictures!! Believe it or not when his daddy was that age he also would eat yummy fruit and berries!Grammy