Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Capture- Depth of Field

I don't always participate in weekly posts. I've tried a number of times and am never consistent. But I do consistently read Beth's You Capture, because I love all things babies and photography and so she is the perfect mix for me. Plus she's just darn funny.

This week's challenge was on depth of field and I remembered to try and intentionally shoot some of that this week. But to be honest I always try for good Bokeh in my shots anyway. It just floats my boat.

I took quite a few that I like, but had time to edit one. So here you go. My vintage peonies along the back fence are in full bloom (all my peonies are in full bloom, I think they are one of my favorites).

In other exciting things, my contractions were down to 4-7 minutes apart for a good while last night and felt "different" than my other Braxton Hicks. Is something productive happening? I don't know but I hope so, I would like to at least have her born in June though. So let's just hang in there for a little bit longer.

Apparently every day is a party around here:

And here is Max opening one of his birthday presents from us:

And crafty things:
Sleep sacks for some important stuffed animals for a 3years old's upcoming birthday

Charity preemie and newborn cap

pieces of a monkey

I guess technically all these pictures count for the depth of field challenge eh?



Bec said...

love that first shot!

Michelle said...

Bokeh effects float my boat too. :) Great shots and I love your craftiness.

Jen said...

Very nice! I like that first one best!

tippytoe foxtrot said...

I bet your back fence is gorgeous will all those peonies! Great shots!

CJ said...

Cool pictures :)

Laura said...

OOOOOHHH, that baby is coming soon! We can't wait :)

Did Max get a dustbuster for his birthday?

Whimsical Creations said...

Great shots. Your little one is adorable!!