Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lazy Saturday

We decided to celebrate Max's birthday today, and so we are letting him pretty much dictate the day. I broke that first thing this morning when I made him go back to sleep at 5 when he woke up (but he did sleep 8 straight hours, which is the longest yet in the new room), but since he then slept until 7:30 or so Adam was much happier (because I then slept until after 9 - but I've been getting up for 5 nights now when Max wakes up). So far we've been watching his favorite shows and were hoping to play outside with the hose and go to the park, but it's cloudy and rainy (AGAIN!) and so we'll see.
Max napping in his big boy bed

This isn't just a bad picture, Max was falling asleep during his lunch, but continued to eat his potato chips. I thought it was hilarious. He would wake up long enough to ask for "more chips please" and then close his eyes and munch.

I've had a lot of back pain and pelvic pain this past week, and still have another week until my next drs appointment. I don't recall ever having this type of pain with Max, so I'm hoping there's something naturally going on and I won't have to be induced this time around (note: I did not mind being induced at all with Max, it was perfect and everything was fine, I'd just like to see what laboring on my own would be like).

We have a name unless something differently is decided once we see her. We are still tossing around a few middle names.

In terribly exciting food news, last night we had friends over for dinner and I attempted (per Adam's request) Mamaw's biscuits (for biscuits and gravy) and totally succeeded. They weren't quite the same thickness, but that's easy to change and Adam was thrilled this morning to have it again for breakfast. I normally just do frozen or refrigerated biscuits. But they were really good. :) thanks Mamaw!

I've completed a few crafting projects around here and of course have a few more I'm working on.
 On a trip to the yarn shop I asked Max if he wanted a new hat, he said that he'd rather have a lion instead. I got to work to have it done for his birthday (completed in on afternoon/evening)
I LOVE this cute little elf bonnet. Flower of my own invention.
Working on a birthday present for a special little girl. It's working up fast with two strands held together and 15 US needles. I didn't know if I would like the yarns all together, but I'm lovin the funkiness. :)

I think I've mentioned joining a SWAP for knitting/crocheting projects for the baby. I received my package in the mail yesterday (a few weeks early!) and loved what I found in there! Here are just a few of the things.
Hat, booties, and mitten set in BEAUTIFUL! yarn. So excited!
a newborn wool soaker with button down for umbilical cord. :) So cute!
There were other things (including treats for me!) - so much fun! I love handmade, and it's so funny how often people who make things don't receive handmade back.
On a similar note, we did receive a classic Mamaw afghan for baby girl, that is the most beautiful shade of purple and will perfectly match her room! Thanks again Mamaw. 
Speaking of her room... this week (since Max is securely sleeping upstairs) I'm starting the nursery's transition (finally!) to girly central.


Laura said...

Ahhh, the classic sleep eating! He must have learned that from Adam :)

The little lion is the most adorable handcrafted animal ever!

The Kipps said...

Lots of fun pictures and crafts. Max seems to grow in his sleep. Maybe becuase he eats when he is sleeping. He is adorable.

Love Grammy