Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thirteen- 35 and 10

I remembered to take a picture on the 13th (January, February, March) this month, but then forgot to blog. I've been forgetting to blog a lot... We'll do something or I'll think of something and say to myself, "Don't forget to blog that," and then I promptly forget.

Here's the pictures....

Here's some things that are important to our family right now.
1. Penny's first word: A-da (for Daddy)
I swear she also says Yesh (for Yes)

2. Penny also waves, gives kisses, crawls, climbs, stands up, cruises the furniture, and climbs the stairs. And she dances. A LOT.

3. Max turns 3 in 3 weeks. I don't know how I'm going to handle that.

4. I'm signed up to participate in a local craft fair, sharing a table with a friend who makes jewelry.

5. Adam just started softball practice and Max is very proud to say that his Daddy plays baseball.

6. When I ask Max about things (like how he got so cute, or so big) he tells me it happens while he's sleeping.

7. He also tells us that his stuffed animals are being loud and talking to him when he gets in trouble for not going to bed.

8. He loves his sister so much that he wants to hug her all the time and she keeps trying to get away from him.

9. He also pushed her down the other day. I didn't see it happen, but he told me he did.

10. Max likes to stay in church service long enough to sing the songs. But he always sings the theme songs to his favorite television shows instead, even if he knows the songs.

11. Penny has picked up signing just like her brother did, and now tells us "more" and "all done" for various activities (mostly eating).

12. Max has started to recognize letters and shown an interest in learning letter sounds. But he still does not consistently know his colors. But can count to 20 or so. I'm guessing he's leaning more toward and engineer than an artist.

13. We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

 What a difference a year makes... this was taken last week... (also note the new ring sling I made, Penny and Max both love to ride in it)
This was taken April 13, 2010 (exactly two months before Penny was born)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, positively adorble!!!!So many great tidbits and fantastic pictures!!It was worth the wait!!! Great timing with the soft spring blooms in the background with our beautiful mama and sweet baby girl!!Lots of Love!
Poppop and Grammy

Amber said...

I love #6 and I love to see your beautiful face in this post. Love you friend!

Laura said...

This makes me sad that my little niece and nephew are getting so big and I never get to see them :(

Looking forward to Oct!