Saturday, January 15, 2011


I've been inspired by a blog I read to take at least one photo a month of the kids. I've decided to do the 13th of every month and blog about it. I can't promise the blog will come on the 13th... um it's the 15th right? and I can't promise I'll remember on the 13th to even take the picture (I took these on the 14th, oops) But it's an attempt I'm going to make. I chose the 13th because both kids were born on the 13th. Unlucky for some, it's the best day for me! I'll also include a list of 13 things about the kids or our family life. I couldn't choose one picture so here's 7...

 Eyeballing his food
 Both smiling (but a little blurry)
 sharing his supper
 Out take
 two peas in a pod
 they love each other, they really do
 Sibling Love

1. Penny is 7 months old and Max is 32 months old
2. Penny loves to sit up and actively play now.
3. That also means she gets bored. Very bored. Very easily.
4. Max's favorite thing (according to him) is play toys. 
5. Penny is eating everything she can get her hands on... seriously. Anything. Her favorite thing to eat is paper.
6. Max's favorite thing to eat (according to him) is noodles.
7. Penny also gets mad now when you leave the room... Ugh.
8. Max is doing so well potty training- I guess I was under the delusion that it was a cut and dry process for every kid. That is so not true.
9. Our favorite thing to do when we are having a bad day, it have a dance party in the living room.
10. Yesterday Max saw me knitting and asked me for a new hat. He just got a new hat at Christmas. But he even went upstairs and picked out the yarn... How can I say no?
11. Penny is now a blankie girl and requires no less than two blankies at bedtime to snuggle and rub her face on to fall asleep. One flannel and one fluffy. She holds them on either side of her face all night.
12. Today Adam is on a retreat all day and so we are having a fun day. Mama's not cooking and we are watching movies and meeting friends for lunch and all taking really long naps this afternoon (hopeful!)
13. We have some bad days, but the good days are so awesome I can't even remember why the bad days are bad!


Laura said...

That post just fills my heart! My fav pic is Two Peas in a Pod :)

Just wait until Max demands even more from your knitting than a hat...Ella asked me yesterday, when I told her I was making her a tank top, to make her a long puffy dress down to her toes with princesses on the front, and ruffles. Oh brother!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I have always loved the number 13! Fantastic! And even I don't always take the photos right on the 1st, it's just a nice guideline for me! :)


The Kipps said...

Blog at least once a week. We so look forward to it. Great pictures and update.

Love Grammy and Pop Pop